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Your Post’s on Facebook may not been seen!

If you noticed that your engagement is lower than usual, then there is a reason for it! Facebook is looking to generate more income now that they are a public company.

We all know  how Facebook fan pages work , when you find and ‘like’ your favorite brand, this action traditionally will ensures you that you will be receiving whatever updates the brands posts every day.

However, Facebook has made some changes that are affecting your posts/updates which affects your engagement!

No posts on Facebook? No you have to PAY!

No posts on Facebook? No you have to PAY!


Where are your updates now?

If you haven’t been seeing lately any updates from the pages you’ve ‘liked’, whenever it’s retailers or any business to business companies, it has one common issue: you aren’t actively engaging with the brand.

According to Facebook, fans that engage with a page, ‘liking’ status updates, commenting on posts or writing posts on the actual page are consistently receiving all posts from the brand. The rest? Well we may not be able to engage and that’s why we may not see all updates.

Who is upset?

Business owners, marketing managers, business managers, digital managers, operation managers and even fans are upset due to this change! Whenever you are a web designer, application developer, web developer administrators are seeing a lot of changes in their department as well. Facebook shows them only a small minority of their fans actually received updates.

And yes, it doesn’t matter if you own Victoria Secret fan page with over 19 million fans or Beauty Line with over 17,ooo fans or a small fan page with 800 fans its the same for everybody.

Isn’t this unfair? Now  facebook is the ‘coolest’ social media tool, now that more than half of the internet population are on Facebook, their are finding ‘creative’ ways to generate new revenues for their site.

Everybody is upset with Facebook

Will it stop?

If enough businesses complain about this, it will stop. But now facebook is looking for new ways to gain more income guys due to involvement of shareholders, it’s not likely.

There is a way?

There is a way for users to receive updates, which i explain in detail in my previous article. Brands should educate users, teach them for users to understand and add them to their lists.

Of course there are more ways to interact with your fans…. 🙂


Money Talks

Money Talks


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