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You can be a gold sponsor but on social media it doesn’t count!

I read an interesting article on Socialbakers recently with a headline: Nike Wins Brand Battle On Social Media. It got my attention, because Nike has not been anywhere on the Olympics, but the CheerMeter tool that socialbakers provide showed that Nike was the winner!

Nike completely dominated Twittersphere, with over 16,020 tweets associating the brand with the word #Olympic, beating rival Adidas by 6,725 tweets, who were mentioned in just 9,295 Olympic – themed tweets over the time when the games where on.

So what can we learn based on the diagram below?

You can be a the official sponsor of the Olympics like Acer, Adidas and Cadbury but not get the highest mentions by users.

End of the day, it’s not what the brands want, how much they pay, it’s what the user wants. If a user wants to tweet and share your information with positive comments he will, if he doesn’t want…he will not!

Don’t force it, don’t pay out billions of Dollars or Euros ( end of the day is the same, cash ) have a creative and interactive concept!


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