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Yes, Web & Social Media Designs are vital online

I come across many websites and social media channels on a daily basis. Some of these are designed quite poorly, with outdated websites and inadequate – or zero – social media presence. This actually hurts me. You see, I just can not comprehend that companies in London have websites that are outdated and that these companies don’t know how to reach out to potential customers via the many useful channels available to us all in 2013.

The other day, a friend of mine recommended we go to a particular restaurant in north London, so I suggested we book our reservation online and check out the website.  I Googled the restaurant, clicked on the website, and BOOM! What appeared on screen was an outdated, dull and uninformative site featuring a couple of grainy pictures and not much else. The image of the restaurant that my friend had presented was in direct contrast to what I was witnessing online, and so I asked her if she was certain that the eatery was indeed a good place for fresh, quality food. My negative assumptions were based on the undesirable website and lack of social awareness, which to me translates to lack of attention to detail and thus not perhaps the best place to go for a quality meal.


We did end up visiting the place however, and I am glad to say that the restaurant served excellent cuisine, in a warm and cosy atmosphere.

I was fortunate enough to meet the owner and asked him a few questions regarding his online activities. Surprisingly, he was very happy with his both his online presence and social media activity. I thought he was joking for a moment to be absolutely honest, but unfortunately he wasn’t.  We kept our conversation brief (I was quite hungry) but I found his positive feedback about his ‘awesome’ online presence rather shocking.

Let’s be honest for a minute: when you see a shabby website with outdated or no social media involvement, and then visit another whose elegant design and up-to-date capabilities impress you, which would you pay attention to? Not really an option is it.

You see, design and distribution of updated content via social media is vital. If you don’t have a Facebook cover picture, if you use tiny images for your postings, if the look and feel of your site seems worn, old and flat, then people are not going to want to go visit your restaurant/be your customer/buy from your brand.

Refresh Your Web

Refresh Your Web

A great place to start would be to employ the services of a good web designer or to hire a digital agency to improve your online presence. Website content needs to be updated and the look and feel of your site needs a ‘refresh’ every so often. Furthermore (and I will cover this topic in more detail another time), people access the internet while they’re on the go and I can’t help but wonder why so many businesses haven’t even considered going mobile yet, because they should.


If you want your business to exist and function profitably for the foreseeable future, you must consider your web design and presence. Imagine how many people arrived at your website and left within a second or two because your social media channels are outdated and your site is dull. And even if you are a small restaurant/ gym / shop in North or South London, would you enjoy losing clients due to unfavourable design and lack of social media activity, which do not in fact reflect what an awesome company you really are? I doubt it very much.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 9.26.13 AM

There are about 10 million people living in London, and 43.5 million adults (86%) in the UK use the internet on a daily basis. Within your industry, whatever it may be, there will be a percentage of people seeking information that you could be providing to them online. People know that they have an unlimited supply of information at their finger tips and so they visit the many social media branded pages, twitter accounts and websites out there, and base their decisions on who to buy from before they have even left their house.

Image a potential client searching for a business just like yours, who visits your social media accounts ( especially now with graph search on Facebook ), looks at your website, and notices that your current online presence is weak. It really would not take any effort therefore for this client to end up as a customer of your competitor.

Design is vital!  


Hope my article has helped you! Now I’m off to enjoy the sunshine with an ice-cold pint! 🙂

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