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Without A Digital Strategy, There Is No ROI

The web is full of articles on how to create your digital strategy. We have all read dozens of them, right? But you can’t have an all in one strategy for everybody. If Stella Artois, let’s say, has a specific strategy, would Heineken follow? I don’t think so. But there is no information that includes your team, internally. If you really think about it, your team represents your social presence online. Social media is such a huge place. Everything is public. Your company is potentially at risk every time your employees engage in social media campaigns.

All of our businesses have their own social strategies. But businesses lead back to what they are trying to accomplish, as a business. Our digital strategies affect all portions of our workspace. You should include everybody in your social media strategy. From marketing managers, brand managers, CEO’s, cashiers, receptionists and even your kitchen team (if you have one). Everyone can be included and everyone can help.

I can imagine you are now asking: : How can I train my staff? Where do I start?

Well I recently received a request to train 200 people at WaterWorld WaterPark. How did I organise it? Well we didn’t take the whole team of 200 people and train them all in 8 hours. To train the staff in time for WaterWorld’s opening in the summer, we divided the workforce into groups. So training was scheduled to take place every day from Monday to Friday, 09:00-13:00. So that would be 5 days 4 hours each group. If you want something to happen, you can do it. By making things much simpler.

My advice to you is to divide people in your company into groups, as simply as you can. You can have three levels: Awareness, Active and Experts.



The Awareness Users, should know that their company is on social media, the channels that you use, how you use it and what you will be doing in the following three months. All team members are required to be active on social media.

Our Active Users should be our community managers. They should create content, manage our social media channels and review their progress. They will also need to be trained on social media/ digital strategy. But of course, it doesn’t mean that everybody will log on to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and start posting at the same time. Your brand has a voice, a unique voice. You should keep your voice and train your team to do the same.

Our Expert Users are the social delegates (as much as I don’t like calling them ‘experts’, because there are no experts regarding my previous articles, let’s call them experts. They should represent our businesses in social media and help develop our digital strategies. They should train with the rest of the teams and take part in advanced seminars and sessions with the entire delegate team. This doesn’t mean that they just sit and watch. They should be active on all social media, track, listen and monitor everything that is going on with your business. They should have a good knowledge of your business and how it runs.

Something that is common sense but I would like to mention anyway: everybody whether in-house or outsourced should know your clients. What do I mean by that? For example, when I agree to create a digital strategy for a new client, the first thing I do is travel to the actual business and work there for couple of hours. I’m a client in the afternoon and an employee in the morning. I need to know how exactly the business runs, who the customers are and other small details that will help bring a higher ROI (Return On Investment ) to our client.

If you work united, from managing directors to community managers, you will have good results. I believe that in this way we all can do a better job.

Usually people laugh at first, but gradually by the fifth principle of marketing – people – engagement begins. And remember, without a digital strategy, there would be no ROI.





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