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Why Work With IQD

Why would you want to work with us? Why would you want to hire IQD Agency? There are 68+1 reasons why but I will share with you just a few. The number is made up by me. I guess this article is a ego-boost for us. We believe that different agencies have a different mentality. At IQD we don’t focus on what others are doing but rather focus on what we are doing for our clients and how we can improve and become better than we were yesterday. Here are some solid reasons why you would choose us:

  • We know what storytelling means and how to create and execute amazing stories.
  • You believe in becoming better and evolving every day.
  • We are ambitious and want to do great things that will make an impact.
  • We market like it’s 2017; we know where consumers attention is.
  • Our designs grab attention because we follow a creative process.
  • Our aesthetics on design is minimal and clean.
  • We don’t promise the world, we always tell the truth (even if it means losing a client)
  • We are not tech or design oriented, we focus on increasing brand equity for our clients.
  • We are playing the long game since 2010.
  • Since 2010 we have improved our skills a lot by reading books, attending conferences and testing new things.
  • We are not passionate about marketing, design, development or advertising we live and breathe great marketing.
  • We worked with over than 120 global and local brands (Beauty Line, T.G.I Fridays, Sparta Novelty, Khairmax, Prosyn etc).
  • We have happy and unhappy clients.
  • We have physical offices (not our bedrooms).
  • We won more than 8 global awards.
  • We speak at conferences in London and Cyprus (Business Show at Olympia in London & IMH’s Marketing Forum among others).
  • We are ambitious and want to grow our agency, the way we want to grow is by helping our clients.
  • We make mistakes which means we are learning and we are all human beings.
  • We are proud of our work.
  • We are not focused on winning fancy awards but rather doing great work that makes an impact.
  • We have a whatever it takes mentality.
  • We are always looking for solutions, we will never say that we can’t do something unless the request is not related to our industry.

The bottom line is that we want to increase our clients ambitions and we always listen to their needs and deliver on that. We started working in November 2010 and in 2013 opened a small office in Stratford London. Here are some examples of work we do;

A story recently done for Charmm Designs:


A custom website and mobile application developed for Royal Crown Insurance:

Content development with a story for Almyro Glyko:

A GIF that we did for Sparta Novelty:


Free wallpaper designs for Desktop and Mobile Devices;



P.S If you want monthly wallpapers you can follow @alexnovicov on Instagram.

End of the day, we really care and create content with one objective; educate marketers and business leaders that want to evolve. You can have a look at our blog and at our CEO Alex Novicov YouTube channel. If you believe in evolvement, becoming better every day, have ambitions and say yes to innovation we are the agency you should choose. We don’t want to have a one night stand with our clients, we want to get married with them and have a healthy and long term relationship.

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