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Why Responsive Design Is So Important?

I found this info graphic on Mashable and remembered my blog post that I wrote couple of days ago about design is vital. There are some data there that are not relevant for United Kingdom data so I made a small research on how many people here use smartphones. There are 30.9 million people that currently are using a smartphone by 2017 researches say that there would be 43.4 million people using a smartphone. Isn’t it amazing?

I mean there is a percentage of companies that are just thinking to make a new website for web and don’t even consider the mobile version. Have a look at this data and think again.



Remember the Kodak moment? Newspapers? Records? Who will survive the next 100 years? When will Apple sell their last iPod? Leader have the courage to inspire change. It’s time to adapt.  

It takes empathy, it takes YOU to change the future.

Here is another date from Stanford Persuasive Tech Lad:

web design data

web design data

My point is that without a web presence your business will not be able to survive in the upcoming up years.

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