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Why Now Is The Time

It doesn’t matter if everything is okay or not and it doesn’t matter if there are economic issues – these are excuses that most companies make. Easy excuses that are over-used nowadays. Of course I understand that companies are afraid to invest in any advertising activities. And I completely agree that if you are paying a huge amount of money for your digital activities without tangible, it is completely normal to be reluctant to invest more.

Businesses should be careful when choosing their digital partner. You have to get the best out of your online advertising. If you go to a purported social media or digital manager and all you hear is ‘we have impressions’, without actual business results, it’s time to change. There are different levels in social media and digital marketing and it depends what you need. If you want to have a guru who tells you how to tweet and show you some web platforms that’s okay. If you want these type of results then by all means use a person who calls himself a ‘guru’. At the end of the day, there are different levels in social media. If you want an advanced digital marketing team, you need to go and find an advanced team who can create a digital strategy and execute it.


Here are some bullet points why NOW is the time:

  • Now that a lot of companies are backing up, your brand should go forward
  • To attract and keep your clients you need to be more creative and provide value to each client. But this must be communicated.
  • During crises there are always opportunities that you can discover.
  • Your communication and web presence shouldn’t be just good, but awesome.
  • To get results, you have to invest.


By sitting and waiting for your clients to visit your business, I personally don’t think people will come to your store/business. But it’s not just advertising and sending email campaigns, it’s how you do it. Recently I received a lot of emails with subjects like: Like our fan page and the body (content) of the email was just the link to the fan page. To make matters worse, it was sent via outlook or mail and everybody could see each recipient’s email address. The result of this is totally useless. And yes, let’s be honest about this, if you do any campaigns online and the execution is wrong, your have wasted your time. I wonder if people have the luxury to waste their time and budgets.

Now you need online advertising more than ever to survive. Like Brian Solis says, #AdaptOrDie. 

If you don’t want your business to be like this:

Business Is Closing Down

Business Is Closing Down

Then, I suggest to you act now! Choose wisely!




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