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Why It’s Better To Get Fans That Actually ‘Like’ Your Brand

I have been tracking very closely user behaviour online. As i have mentioned it a lot of times in my previous blog posts, to get users to ‘Like‘ your fan page is harder than it was two, three years ago.

Google Ads, Facebook, Yahoo & Bing advertising gives you the option to target your potential and current client online. There are a lot of people that ask ”why should i target users?” The answer is very simple, let’s say we have Joanna 18 years old, if her interests don’t match with what your brand provides she will probably not ‘like’ any ad and might report it as ‘spam’ or will not click on it.  But for example if John is 25 years old and he is going to get engaged. He is looking to buy a apartment or build a house he will defiantly will want to see an ad from Cucina Cucina for example.  Choosing between Joanna and John i prefer John Liking my fan page and engaging with my brand rather getting Joanna who is not interested.

i like targeted users

i like targeted users

If let’s say i get 40,000 new fans for a new campaign i’m running, after the campaign is finished most probably a 20%-30% will report my posts for spam or unlike my page. But if i get 7,000 fans and i know that they are really interested in my service or product, i’m confident to say that there would be around 5% loss after my campaign is finished. Do the maths, what’s better?

Coming back to my point is that, if you get let’s say 2,000 fans that are real and achieve a high engagement that’s for me a good result. Don’t get disappointed if you didn’t meet your expectations.

One last point, Facebook is getting ‘paid’ via each user, I as Alex i’m a user of Facebook and i click on ads. If Facebook delivers to me banners that are about weddings that i never click for example then i’m no good for FB, but if they deliver to me ads that have to do with Digital Marketing, Social Media, Football, Apple Products i click. So fb knows that from my interests and my actual clicks they will get ‘paid’ if they will deliver to me ads that i’m interested and are informative.

Deliver what the user is interested in

Deliver what the user is interested in

Our ‘job’ end of the day is not to push advertising to users that they are not interested, our ‘job’ is to inform, educate, inspire users and show that this brand is better in quality, is better in design and other aspects it might have.



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