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Why Do You Need Likes Anyway?

I read a really good article by David Unekis from Callahan Crekk the other day and I totally agree with everything he mentions in it. In fact, he says exactly what I have been trying to communicate to my own clients for quite some time now – that Facebook is a conversation, not a competition. Marketers jump on the Facebook bandwagon and think they’re doing a good job by posting and ‘advertising’ all their messages with a ‘like us’ here and a ‘like us’ there, ‘follow us on Twitter’ and ‘Pin us’ on Pinterest. What these brands accomplish by operating this way is in fact counter-active: constant updates lack relevance (excessive information does not equal great  information), friends can – and will – hide posts from irritating companies that clog their news feeds, and posts are reported as spam.

Why Should I Like Your Fan Page

Why Should I Like Your Fan Page

Many marketers are under the false impression that regularly updating a Facebook page with dull posts, cute animal pictures and ‘special price’ offers will positively impact their brand. But it won’t, because the more customers follow a company’s activities on social media, the more savvy they are to unfavourable advertising practices. And if they keep receiving boring updates and don’t like what they see, they will just stop looking.

The key to on-line success is RELEVANCE! When you remain relevant, your customers remain with you. When you offer relevant content and support to your clients, they will be happy to support your brand in return. Users want to know why ‘liking’ your page can benefit them before they tick a box, so you need to show and tell them exactly why.

If half my Facebook friends ‘like’ a fan page, by no means does it mean that I or anyone else will do the same. It takes a lot more than popularity to stay relevant: it takes hard work and determination, so listen to your customers’ demands, uphold the expectations they have of you, and do your brand the justice it deserves with appropriately timed and relevant communication.

It’s time to change how you used to do things. It’s time to be Relevant!

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