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“What the Experts Say” @University Of Nicosia

“What the Experts Say”

The Spring 2013 Industry Professionals Guest Speaking Series

Co-organized by the M.A. in Media and Communications and the MBA programs of the University of Nicosia 


The M.A. in Media and Communications and the MBA programs of the University of Nicosia proudly present the Spring 2013 “What the Experts Say” Industry Professionals Guest Speaking Series.  This series includes six high caliber practitioners who will be sharing their professional expertise on cutting edge and urgent subjects in the context of the current economic and political situation in Cyprus as well as their critical insights on the future of tertiary education from their professional perspectives.

Each of the six speakers will be delivering a presentation to the students in the programs of MA in Media and Communications and MBA in an area which they have been recognized by both their industry and academic peers as “the expert”.  The speakers will share their knowledge and career reflection in relation to their contribution and new plans for their companies and their thoughts on how programs such as UNIC’s MA in Digital Media and Communications and MBA may increase student employability and prepare them for successful careers.

Speakers and Dates of Presentations

Monday: 04/03/2013  (18:00-19:30)

Speaker: Michael Virardi, Inspiration Coach & Author

Topic: The only certainty is uncertainty



Tuesday: 12/03/2013   (18:00-19:30)

Speaker: Dinos Ioannides, Country Manager, DHL

Topic: Managing change — It begins at the top


Wednesday: 20/03/2013  (18:00-19:30)

Speaker: Alexandros Novicov, Director of Vivid

Topic: Digital strategies


Thursday: 26/03/2013    (18:00-19:30)

Speaker: Linos Ermogenides, Marketing Manager of Laiki Bank

Topic: Twenty six kilograms of shark weigh more than tons of crab


Monday22/04/2013    (18:00-19:30)

Speaker: Rita Karatzia, CYTA Communications & PR Manager

Topic: CSR and PR strategies


Wednesday: 24/04/2013 (16:30-18:00)

Speaker: Costas Gavrielides, PR Director of Electricity Authority of Cyprus

Topic: Crisis management


The Masters of Arts in Media and Communications at the University of Nicosia is the only MA program of its kind accredited by the Ministry of Education since 2005.  This program is being redeveloped into Digital Media and Communications as to incorporate the staggering advent of Web 2.0 technologies and their complex social-cultural consequences.  This new program consists of exciting and cutting edge courses on Digital Media, Technology and Social Transformation, Social Media Management, Publishing in Digital Media, Public Relations and Advertising in the Digital Age and Interactive Multimedia Development, to name just a few.


The University of Nicosia’s MBA program is designed for business people with the determination to be skilled and knowledgeable leaders who can influence people, offer strategic direction, and make good use of financial, marketing, human and technological resources. The mission is to create graduates who can out-think and out-smart the competition.


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