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What NOT to post on new Facebook Pages

Hey Guys,

Social Media In Cyprus is growing, but here are some rules for you NOT TO DO with your new timeline!

We just found out from our friends, Socialbakers that there are some things you can’t have on new Facebook Pages.

There is a graphic for that, but i prefer writing to you in bullet points:

1. SALE – you cant offer information on discount or prices

2. LIKE – I think everybody who couldn’t develop custom like buttons are used of an easy solution with an arrow to the like button, guess what now you CANT have this arrows

3. CONTACT – Dont add your email, phone number. Why bother?!

4. SHARING – we know sharing is caring but you cant have the share now or tell your friends any more. I personally never like when a brand tells me what should i do online, if i want i will share your brand if i dont want i will not!

Ok, now SHARE this article! Just joking!

This is valuable information!

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