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What is Internet Advertising Terminology?

Hi everybody,

I would like to share with you some definitions what in online advertising we use.

Over the years along came social media into the mix, we added additional metrics when we introduced our social media functionality.

In this article I will explain to you what is PPC, Impressions, Social Impressions, Social Percentage, Clicks Percentage, Clicks, Social Clicks, CTR, Social CTR, CPC, CPM, Spend and Connections this terms are mostly used on Facebook Advertising Pay Per Click Campaigns.

Let’s start with most familiar term which you use anywhere online, PPC – Pay Per Click campaigns you use it on Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Yandex and other search engines and websites. Pay Per Click is a cost model implemented by search engines or other websites  that charge advertisers for each time a user clicks on a link  or a banner they are advertising. When a user clicks on the link, the advertiser is charged for that click based on what the cost was. There are many websites that have implemented this program to charge their websites, but not that many in Cyprus. One of the most popular pay per click programs is run by Google AdWords.

Impressions are called sometimes a view or an ad view, is a term that refers to the point in which an ad is viewed once by a website visitor. The number of impressions of a particular ad is determined by the number of times the particular page is located and loaded. If it is randomly generated, then it is the number of times the particular ad appears from the random generator. An impression is an estimate of the number of people a particular advertisement is reaching, and may be counted in different ways depending upon the way the ad is situated on the page, as well as the number of times the web page where the ad appears is shown. Have in mind that one visitor can see the ad more than once, that’s why on Facebook Advertising there is a Frequency option. (Will explain below)

Facebook Measurements:

Social Impressions are showed where your ad campaign on Facebook show your friends name on it who liked your fan page, RSPVed to your event or used your application.

Social Impressions Percentage the percentage of your ad campaign on Facebook that showed a friend that liked your fan page, RSPVed to your event or used your application.

Clicks of users that clicked on your advertising banner, event or app installed directly from your Sponsored Story or Ad.

Social Clicks that were done when your friends name appear on your advertising banner on Facebook. That includes your fan page, application or event.

CPC the average cost that you spend for your ads, its calculated as a amount spend to clicks received.

CMP  the average cost per thousand on impressions on your ads, they are calculated as the amount spend to impressions received.

Spend the total amount that you paid on your Facebook Advertising.

Connections the total number of users who liked your page or installed your application advertised within 24 hours.  

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