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What Is Content Marketing For Me

I talk a lot about content marketing, for example: Think Beyond Workshops, clients and potential clients, conferences, videos and on the web, so basically I talk a lot about content marketing because I’m passionate about it. I received an email this morning from Johnny, a potential client and friend at the agency. He thanked me for an infographic I sent on history of content marketing and he asked me what is content marketing in my own words and how will content benefit his company. The short answer is: it’s doing what I’m doing right now, try to bring more value to a potential client by showing our knowledge, inspiring and hopefully signing a new contract with his company. In the process of doing this piece of content other people might benefit from it as well, share it and get inspired to create valuable content. When somebody will share this article on their social platforms a decision maker that follows that person on Twitter might read the article and give us a call.

There are thousands of re-sources today that explain what content marketing is and why it’s so important. Let’s imagine a scenario me not doing content marketing and trying to sell our services. I could have cold called Johnny, run a radio ad, mag ad or a banner on a website and get a meeting with Johnny. At our meeting we discussed his companies goals and ambitions and I try to convince him why we are a great fit for him to work with us. Once the meeting is over, I go to the office prepare a proposal and then follow up. When I follow up on the phone with Johnny I ask him if he wants to move forward or not. Johnny can say immediately yes or he will have different hidden and spoken sales objections, If I’m lucky he will tell me his concerns directly and tell me his real objections. He might say that we are expensive, price objection. I believe that if the other person believes that a service will solve his problems and help him achieve his or her goals the budget is out of the way. So let’s say he says I’m not interested for the time being because he has other priorities. Without content marketing the conversation ends there. Maybe next quarter I will follow up and see how he is doing and maybe we will sign a contract in the last quarter of the year. Let’s imagine now that we have a content marketing process and create valuable content every single day. Once the meeting is finished I can create different articles and different types of content that might help Johnny to decide if content is a good idea for his business and if IQD is capable of helping him. We can send a vlog, article, newsletter and post on social content that educates and inspires. In the process of decision making Johnny will be able to read and understand more about content and see if we as IQD are a good fit. When we create different types of content we add short stories and case studies from our clients. The process of deciding for Johnny is much easier because he has answers in front of him to decide, the way we think, the way we work and our level of work.


With content marketing we can answer to problems that our potential clients have, for example somebody is searching on how to solve their cash flow problems or how to save a relationship on a search engine. Somebody who is a thought leader on the subject can create content that will help their potential clients on how to solve those problems by showing examples or by sharing an idea that somebody will find valuable. Let’s imagine that Anna is having problems in her marriage and found an article that Doctor Love wrote. She reads the article that she previously found on Google and implements one strategy that Doctor Love shared, she saw that it worked and has passionate sex with her husband every night. After couple of weeks Anna decides that she wants to take their relationship beyond so she calls Doctor Love for an appointment. Doctor Love just acquired one new client because he created a valuable piece of content.

Let’s imagine another scenario where we sell a service that our potential client that doesn’t know that he needs the service. Because our potential client doesn’t know that he needs our service we can create content that will bring the desire to learn more or create a need. We can show the client that he will benefit from a service like ours, so another strategy is inspiring the client to learn more. It’s bringing the desire basically, like a woman that dresses very sexy in a bar; she is trying to get attention and creates a demand. We went for a cheeky glass of wine with a friend to discuss how can he save his marriage and now he is thinking about how he can go and approach that beautiful young lady drinking a Bloody Mary at the bar.


In my own words content marketing goes beyond sales, content is bringing value to a desired audience that potentially can buy our service (or product). Adding stories to our content to make it emotionally appealing and communicating to the right part of the brain (emotions). When the potential client is ready to buy, our brand will come first to his mind. Content can benefit Johnny with his marketing and business goals; increase brand awareness, increase brand equity, increase his bottom line and most importantly make an impact to his potential audience. With great content marketing you can increase the number of qualified leads that your business receives, increase trust and create a demand. Having said qualified leads it doesn’t mean that once you start doing content we will have waiting lines like the post office has every morning, it takes time and it’s a process, it’s a culture.

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