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We Are All Media Companies

I truly believe that every brand is a media company. The faster marketers understand it, the better chance they will have winning in 2020, 2030, 2040 etc. I always say that we all need to create amazing content in order to sell our products/services. Tools like Medium, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook Live make it so much more easier to get into this world and start storytelling.


I downloaded a new app on my phone yesterday and Jamie Oliver’s App was recommended to me.  I was reminded once again how Jamie built his brand; with great content. Jamie provides his community with a lot of value. I don’t think he would have succeeded if he would create outdoor adverts saying that he is a great Chef. Instead, he shows the world how great he is.



After doing some research, I found out that the guy has 4 mobile apps (iOS) with different topics; 20 minutes meals, Jamie’s recipes and others. That’s insane you might say. This just confirms to me that attention is key. People pay attention to things that matter to them. We are all in competition for attention, even this blog article. For you to read this blog article I need your attention right? Would you have clicked the link if it was an advertising banner? I don’t think so. The key here is providing as much value as possible so next time you want to read IQD’s blog article you will search for it.

I remember watching Jamie Oliver’s interview on The Drum where he mentioned that he ‘Burns £4million on YouTube’ and that was in 2014! He won because he built his own audience and now he operates his restaurants, sells books and so on. He runs his own production company where they create documentaries, stories and tons of other things.

To sum up, either you are a hotel, restaurant, pub, retail store, B2B company or an individual I believe that the best thing that you can do is to start creating more and more content in order to be relevant and to dominate in business. If you need help with your content marketing, you can always contact us here at IQD.

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