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Want To Get More Retweets?

Everybody on Twitter wants retweets, and more retweets.  This infographic I found on SocialMediaToday, by Justin Fishaw, has some interesting tips for those pursuing retweet success.

The Art Of Retweets

The Art Of Retweets


There are a number of valid points to note, like leaving enough space for a retweet, maintaining originality, and speaking about others and not yourself. I have tweeted about and mentioned these on the IQdigital blog and via my personal blog numerous times, and it is good to see this infographic offering a clear and similar view.

Personally, including a request for a retweet is not my cup of tea: if someone likes what they have read in a tweet, then they will retweet it. I don’t really believe I am required to help, inspire or remind them do so by asking them to – it may even put someone off. Curiously for me, and in its defense, I must admit that this method does seem to work for many that use it, so my personal choice is not the only choice of course.

As for timing, well, you should tweet depending on the ‘what’ you are tweeting about, and the ‘where’.  Because what works for a brand’s twitter direction here in London, the United Kingdom for example, will not necessarily work as well for a similar brand or product in Stockholm, Sweden. The usage of web analytic tools is highly recommended so that you get a really clear vision of how your social media channels should be operating.

Leaving adequate space in your tweets is vital of course and makes total sense if you want to gain that coveted retweet. When you allow for plenty of space at the beginning of your tweet, your reader can insert their own comments without having to edit your original text, which makes retweeting you a simple pleasure.

And be yourself online. Be original. Give credit where credit is due. Most of all, provide value to your followers.

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