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vivid network new company structure

We are excited to announce some major company changes.  For the past three years we have worked with you as ‘vivid web marketing group’, delivering quality strategies with the best possible results for your company. We have now simplified our name to ‘vivid network‘, but our professionalism and approach remain the same.

vivid network

vivid network

Here at IQDigital we where very excited that we finally found amazing partners to ‘merge’ with! And that’s Pro Motion Digital Media.

Pro-Motion Digital Media

Pro-Motion Digital Media


vivid network consists of:

IQDigital – our digital agency develops web applications/ creates and executes digital strategies.

Pro Motion Digital Media – the unit that creates our fascinating videos:  explainer videos, commercials, corporate videos.

AlexNovicov – our expert will train your team on how to manage web tools,  increase online productivity, the implementation of digital strategies, and public speaking.

Our focus is – and always will be – on your brand achieving the best possible online results. With the new professionals that have joined us at vivid network, we are now more equipped than ever to provide the tools required for active, digital engagement with your online audience.

vivid network

vivid network


Of course you can connect to our social media sites and subscribe to our monthly newsletter to receive vital insights. On our Facebook fan page we will be posting our blog articles and relevant news regarding digital media. On our twitter we are tweeting more frequent insights from our company, on LinkedIn we are posting analytics and insights. Our newsletter subscribers are the first to receive important case studies and insights that we discover from our surveys and other vital articles – you can subscribe here. And of course our YouTube is for you to view our creative videos.

IQDigital / AlexNovicov / Pro Motion Digital Media

You know what the most exciting part is? Now that we have merged our knowledge and experience, we have become an even better team. vivid network has worked on over 120 local and global brands, created more than 900 projects (digital campaigns, Facebook applications, commercial videos). Imagine what all this experience will bring to you your brand!

Pro Motion Digital Media Explained:



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