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Using social media to sell requires hard work

I listened and read that some people in business are telling that they can’t find any potential clients on social media channels, and the worst thing is that I read that social doesn’t work.

Well let me start with the potential that there is out there. Taking again about accounting industry, I wrote on twitter search #accounting and found and enormous amount of tweets:

Accounting in social media

Accounting in social media

Just having a look for a few minutes I could find so many tweets about accounting. Where are all accountants? Where is that one person that will engage with people? No where, in their offices complaining, how bizarre.

You are not into accounting, in real estate maybe? Well I’ve done a small research again on twitter using hashtag #realeastate and #rent:

Again there is an enormous amount of tweets going now as you read this article. But where are all real estate agents? I mean here where I live in North London there are literally  so many real estate offices but a very small percentage that are online. From when is having a website means that you are doing well in the digital world? Having a conversation with any real estate sales person or MD ( managing director ) you will understand that they think by having a website and social media accounts that’s it. It doesn’t stop there, having it is just a basic thing to have. Here is another example that I read on Gary blog:

I totally agree with Gary in this case. I mean really 15 tweets and It doesn’t work? LOL! It’s not about 15 tweets dear it’s about 15,000 tweets but not just some random and irrelevant tweets, engaging tweets and tweets that will give value to your audience. I mean I have 12,520 tweets so far that contain different kind of tweets, articles tweets, retweets I’ve done reading useful articles and replays to questions people ask me.

Another example of how people engage with each other is the one below. I read an article that Mari Smith has retweeted and I tweeted to her, she replayed back of course and showed that she appreciated it the retweet. If in real life a person will help you with your grocery bags wouldn’t you say thank you to that person? Of course you would. Why is online different then? You might think because it’s not in person. Well no, this is wrong we should all go back to basics and start behaving polite to people in our social graph.

End of the day my point to all us is that it requires hard work, engaging, providing value and helping other people. The opportunity is out there, but you have to work on it. Sitting by the sofa won’t make you successful with your business. If you love and care about what you do, you will start working right now. Because the best time is NOW!

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