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Three Things Businesses Should Do On Social Media During Coronavirus

In this day and age, the worse thing we can do is pause all our activities and just keep posting content like nothing is happening. Not mentioning the problem is like not confronting the elephant in the room, and by not posting anything shows apathy.


Today I would like to share with you three things businesses should do on social media during these challenging times. The goal is not to survive, the goal is to thrive and come out stronger from this crisis. If you are a person that believes all communication between the brand and clients should be paused, then I recommend you skip this article as it will not benefit you.


For those who want to thrive and come out stronger, here are three things we can all do during coronavirus.


  1. Revise Your Content Strategy


The first thing we need to do is revise our whole content strategy, whatever strategy we had a month ago, needs to go out of the window, and needs to be revised. If you had shoots planned, it’s time to think of how you can revise your strategy right now. The worse thing you can do is keep sharing meaningless posts about the views from your hotel. I always keep saying this, but now more than ever it just looks silly. Here’s an example of a hotel that keeps posting the same things – it was boring before coronavirus, now it’s just frustrating how anyone can be so ignorant. Funnily enough, the copywriting on their posts is on another level – ‘another view from our hotel’ – very innovative, creative and thoughtful post.


A lot of people are going to remember brands that go beyond and help their communities, for example, London’s iconic Claridge’s hotel is opening up its bedrooms for NHS workers to stay during the Covid-19 crisis, with the first batch of hospital staff due to move in tomorrow. On the other side of the spectrum you have brands like Wetherspoons that are boycotted already. If you want to be on the side where people are going to remember your brand and buy from you, you need to think of your content strategy and revise it immediately.


  1. Revise Your Audience – Target Local & National Markets


If you are a hotel and you target people in the US for example, or China, and still run advertising, it makes no sense as all countries are now restricted from travelling and they would not travel. It makes sense to promote your content to locals and focus on a national market. If you are a business that sells products and shipping doesn’t really matter to you, you can keep targeting the same people, but I think it’s better to target locally, get to meet people in your community and your country.


If you ‘sell to everybody’ – now is the time to write down who your ideal clients are, who do you want to target, who might be a great fit as a client? – and please don’t say everybody because it’s not everybody. It gets on my nerves when I hear people say everybody. An 18-year-old Johnny down the street is a completely different 30-year-old Johnny living in Camden Town. People mature, people change perspectives, people change beliefs. One of the reasons most marketing fails is this – it speaks to everybody, and when a campaign or content is created for everybody it fails miserably. Spend some time thinking about your ideal client. You might say that ‘people don’t have money right now’ and they are not shopping. No, that’s wrong, people are more careful about their money but people still buy online – they still shop, and based on data that I saw from some e-commerce stores, they are booming right now. Different people have different income brackets – you have to think what income bracket you want to sell too. Different people have different mentalities about money – some might want to buy a product or a service but they don’t have the money right now for different reasons, don’t you want to be in front of them when they have the money? I guess so. So now is the time to really go out there, no sorry, don’t go out, abort, sit home and think about your audience.


  1. Create Engaging, Valuable & Interesting Content


If we keep creating the same content that adds no value to people’s lives then people will just unfollow us. Let’s have a look at some data; last week WhatsApp’s Usage was up by 70%, Facebook Messaging was up by 50%, and Tik Tok’s gross revenue is up by 34% (Social Chain). Consumption is on the rise, people are bored at home, people want to be entertained, some want to be educated and some want to be inspired. That’s why I always say, we need to always create content that inspires, educates or entertains people. This way people will want to consume your content.


What kind of content can you create? Well, for example, we created a post for a hotel about 14 travel movies you can watch right now – it was written as an article and then we created 10 carousel images for Instagram. Is this content valuable? Yes. Does it add value to the audience? Yes. Does it solve a problem? Yes. There you go, one simple idea. You can dig into mental health for example. A lot of people are struggling with mental health because they are home all day. Something I can’t relate to because I’m used to working from home, but some people are not – speaking of different audiences.


I always gravitate towards inspire and educate because I like that as an individual and I believe people need to be inspired and enlightened. You can create content that entertains people, people love entertainment. It can be funny, it can have humour, and we all need humour right now. There are so many memes going around the internet that it’s hilarious. You can interview your team members on zoom for example and ask them personal questions. A great example is how Chipotle does a hangouts on Zoom with celebrities to cope with social distancing.

Maybe you interview different authors about different topics that are close to your story? You do have a story, right? A brand story. I hope you do. For example, you can interview people about their dating life, how they can improve their love life, how they can improve their self-esteem, there are so many topics that you can cover and share.


There you have it, three things you can do right now on social media. Do you know how brands that didn’t post will look when all this is over? They will look like when that ex comes back when he is horny – exactly the same – they will come back when everything is back to normal looking to sell their products. Now that there is nothing to sell, they go home and keep quiet. Social media is so much more than just a tool to promote yourself and sell, we can do so much more and help each other.


Brands that invest now in great content, will win long term big time.

Let me know in the comments what type of content you found valuable and what your thoughts are on the ideas above?



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