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There is the new ‘instagram’ for videos now,viddy!

Well, we all know that if you want to capture your moments with a creative picture, you use Instagram. We can share our pictures with our friends on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site.

But what happens when you want to share a video? Well the new creative iPhone application is here,viddy!

Viddy is like twitter but for video sharing, developed for iPhone application. You can create a new video for 15” seconds. Its super simple to create a video. There are different kinds of themes that you can use you can even add a soundtrack music to your video. Its a cool new iPhone application that will help you share your moments in 15”seconds.

After the video has been uploaded, you can share it on your YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media site. You can as well enter the web version of viddy and watch all your videos from there. Connect it with your facebook and twitter account so it shares automatically.

I created a quick video for you to understand how it works exactly:


Here is the video that i created:


You can share the link to your friends via a URL as well:


Click Here to View the video on a browser:


And here are some screen shots from viddy iphone application:
























Enjoy the app! You can download it directly from Apple Store Here.





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