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The power of news…is #Twitter!

Recently as you all know Apple won over Samsung.

I went a few days ago into a store, i heard a conversation about it. The guy turns to me and asked me if i watched the news last night. I told that i learned it as soon as it happend via Twitter Trends. The information that the guys knew from the news where not that true, for example they where saying that Apple won 1.0m, which the real fact as you know it its 1.2m. They started asking me about how Twitter trends works, i explained to them the basics and then told them if they want to learn more they can visit alltwitter seminar. 

Anyway, my point is until any traditional media will print it or broadcast it they have a lot of procedures. With twitter on the other hand, its the users that create the buzz and talk about a subject. No matter what happend’s in the world, you will see it on twitter first and then it will follow to other medias. Want to be on top of things? Well, you have to use twitter more often! 🙂


Twitter Global Trends

Twitter Global Trends




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