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The New Way To Search: Social Media

If you have scanned any social media sites in the previous 48 hours, you will have noticed a lot of people making noise about the new Social Graph that Mark has announced, CEO and Founder of Facebook.

This means that Facebook is over-taking Google in terms of social search.

Facebook Introduces New Social Graph

Facebook Introduces New Social Graph

With this new feature, you will be able to search by interests, location and most importantly, in my opinion, your friends’ preferences. If you search the web for restaurants, books, travel advice or any other information, Facebook may soon replace Google as the best search. The ‘beauty’ of it is that only Facebook actually knows this data; I mean what your friends like and do. Google Plus knows a lot, but for me, Google Plus can’t be compared to Facebook.

The Social Search

The Social Search

This social search, is more personal. As I have mentioned in a lot of my previous blog posts, on vivid and on my own site, companies should became more personal. People, after all, are everything. The most intelligent source of information you might need and things you might want are your friends. Facebook will provide you with what you want.

Define Your Search

Define Your Search

Didn’t you ever consider asking Facebook what your friends were reading? Or which teams your friends support? I asked myself such questions many times. Until now, Facebook search wasn’t that exciting. I noticed many of my friends asking questions in post form such as: What is the best Italian Restaurant in London; What is the best digital marketing book? Well now, I guess, they will have an instant answer.

Now you don’t have to hope that your friends reply! Facebook has gained more value, for me, over Google.

Perhaps even more important than direct monetization is Facebook’s ability to keep members engaged on the site. Graph Search, according to Forrester analyst Nate Elliott, has the potential to do just that:

“Facebook’s worst nightmare is a static social graph; if users aren’t adding very many new friends or connections, then their personal network becomes less and less active over time,” he said. ” Terrifyingly for Facebook, that threat is very real: We haven’t seen significant growth in the average number of friends per user recently. Graph search seems designed to encourage users to add more friends, more quickly. If it means users’ personal networks change more frequently, and become more active, then that keeps them coming back to the site — which is vital to Facebook’s success.”

When Facebook unveiled the social search, it also unveiled the two people who shared the new ‘third pillar’ of Facebook: Lars Rasmussen and Tom Stocky, two heavy-hitters that Facebook recruited from the world’s current search leader, Google, over the last couple of years.

Enjoy your new search:

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