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Automatic ‘Thank You Tweets’ Are Rubbish

If you send me a DM (direct message) on twitter and if you are anything like me you might never read it, you know why? Because they are all the same, whenever you follow somebody on twitter they send you an automatic message saying ‘Thank you for your follow, please like my Facebook fan page’. Easy there tiger, we just ‘met’ and you want me to like you on Facebook, click on your website and buy from you?


Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and any other social networks are just like networking offline in the real world. Let me give you a scenario of two people meeting, offline for the first time. The scene is set at an iStrategy event; well I thought I would make it relevant.


You: Hello

Helen: Hello, how are you?

You: Fantastic. Are you enjoying the conference?

You: Follow me on Twitter (@yourusername)

Helen: Okay, I followed you!

You: Thanks can you please like my Facebook Fan Page (

You: Can you please log on to and get a free report

You: You can actually buy my service, it’s cheap.


I don’t think Helen will participate in this conversation for very long? Would you?

Because I’m accustomed to receiving lots of automatic messages I didn’t notice this until I read @Helen_Rothwell tweet the other day:



Then I realized that Helen was actually right, even some speakers sent me direct messages telling me to like, click and go. I mean, come on this stuff was cool 5 years ago now it’s just bloody annoying. People don’t like speaking to robots, people like speaking about themselves to actual humans and while I am on a rant I would also like to say, I don’t believe that there are ‘experts’ in this industry as Brian Solis say’s we are all learning digital marketing.

I can understand that some people believe it is cool and it is fun for them, but this doesn’t encourage real engagement.

If you want to develop real online engagement you should connect with actual tweets and  answer them, even a smilies 🙂 helps.

My conclusion, stop wasting time on boring stuff and start connecting with people online and for goodness sake stop automatic messages. Everybody hates it including Helen and I.


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