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Content marketing I believe is a module that works and potentially will be the only way to build a profitable hotel. There is a lot of talk going around content marketing and a lot of hotels start to understand more the value of content marketing. I believe that the most important aspect in content is the mentality shift. Before we get into the mentality we need to understand what is content marketing and what we mean by content marketing. Content can be in different forms; website, blog, podcast, video, ebook, book, magazine there are hundreds of ways to create content.

The biggest reason why we need to change is because brands are becoming publishers.
Red Bull is not an energy drink company, they are a media company.
Absolut Vodka is a media company.
Choice Hotels are a media company.
Marriott is the largest producer of travel lifestyle content. They set up an in-house content studio, focusing first on short films and premium storytelling.
There is a great example of the “French Kiss” film that Marriott created. That film booked $500,000 worth of rooms in just 60 days.
DIRECT bookings?
The long game educating guests and travelers to always check direct before booking.