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Starbucks New Campaign: Tweet-A-Coffee

Creativity at it’s best in my opinion. Want to send to a friend a coffee?  Not an actual coffee but a Starbucks virtual coffee (eGift).

Here is a new campaign that Starbucks launched, Tweet A Coffee:

Here is Starbucks landing page explaining their new campaign:

Starbucks Tweet A Coffee

Starbucks Tweet A Coffee

Starbucks didn’t use their official Twitter account ( @Starbucks ) but created a new @TweetACoffee account:

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 14.47.54


In short basically you have to tweet to @TweetACoffee to @YourFriendName and send them a 5 dollars gift card. Starbucks encourages you to send a coffee to people you might not know as well 🙂

Here are some tweets from people sending virtual coffees to their friends:

Making people cry:


People here in the UK requesting Starbucks Uk to start the same campaign:

Here is an awesome article (open letter )  from Huffington Post How Starbucks changed a homeless person’s life:

Dear Mr. Schultz,

I was homeless last winter and my gold Starbucks card kept me warm, safe and dry. It also helped me utilize social media to, in very small ways, help the lives other homeless people. I am@From_Nothing on Twitter, and I now have several thousand followers. Being able to access the Internet and tweet with my smart phone, which was paid for by a wonderful friend, while enjoying a warm cup of coffee at Starbucks, was crucial for my survival and eventually helped me end my homelessness. Click Here To Read More..




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