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Social Media Stories over Social Media Posts

Storytelling is the core of a great content strategy. It helps us build a narrative and connect with our customers on a deeper level. The difference between posts and stories is very simple;

A. Posting: posting pictures of a product, telling people why they should buy that product, explain all the features and benefits, couple of special offers and of course competitions with like, share or comment to win an irrelevant trip to New York. We are the number one shoe company. (Logic)

B. Stories: create an authentic story about a brand, engaging on a deeper level with our audience by providing value, solving problems, putting a smile on our customers faces, showing what’s happening behind the scenes, communicating our beliefs, a true story about how we overcome something. Replying to each individual comment and listening. Connecting with people on a emotional level. (Emotion)

The difference between posts and stories is that once we stop posting people will not feel that something is missing from their lives because it had no impact it was just noise, more noise. I’m sure that a lot of people hide that type of content or just scroll over it. When we storytell people want to see more and expect to see something new. The problem why a lot of brands just post is because it’s the old mentality of advertising; ‘Let’s create something that will say that we are the best and push it on social media”.  If we look a bit deeper on results we will notice that it has no impact and it neither helps us build brand equity nor does it help us build a sustainable brand.

Rather than making noise let’s make something that people will care about, something that will bring value to this world. Social media gives us a great opportunity to connect with people like never before. Let’s use it.

Here’s an example of a great story by AirBnB, you can watch it here.

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