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Social Media Report Of Facebook Pages In Cyprus

We just received exclusive social media report from Socialbakers for Facebook Pages in Cyprus and wanted to share it with you.

Facebook users in Cyprus have increased rapidly to 527 440 users, that means 10,980 new users!

Below in our report you will see that top 3 Brands by average ER ( engagement rate ) there are three brands, Beauty Line Cyprus, K – Cineplex & Cyprus. Top 3 brands by RR ( Response Rate ) is MTN Cyprus, K – Cineplex and Cyprus Wedding Advisor.

It is very important to keep your engagement rate high for your brands to communicate with your fans.

A tip from vivid web marketing, don’t just post to say that you posted something, engage with your fans/users with¬†useful¬†content! My personal opinion, its better to have less fans but a higher engagement rate than having thousands of fans with small engagement rate!

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