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Real Time Marketing Examples

A lot has been said about real time marketing now a days. I love real time marketing because it’s instant and it’s spontaneous. Don’t get me wrong, it requires a lot of creativity, time and courage. What is Real Time Marketing in the first place?  Real time marketing is marketing based on up to date events. Instead of planning for the next quarter you keep up to date with trending topics and events. One of my favourite real time marketing is Twitter. Real time marketing strategy is focused on current todays events.The goal of real time marketing is to connect consumers with the product or service that they need now, in the moment.


Some of you might argue that only big corporations can afford to do real time marketing. There is absolutely no limit to creativity and effort. You can say that big corporations can hire people that will be on it 24/7 and work with a digital agency or agencies I might say. You can start by brainstorming by yourself and work with a digital agency for SME’s like IQD is.

Do you remember the classic Oreo Tweet that went viral?



In case you didn’t know, this tweet was send on the night when Super Bowl was on. The lights went out so Oreo instantly responded with this tweet. It went viral within minutes, it was phenomenal. Speaking about real time marketing, you have to understand that you can’t get 20k Retweets and 10k likes on your social media content within 5/10 minutes in the first time you do it. I’m sure if the context and the event is relevant you can achieve it but you need to be trying and engaging online with people. I suggest that you look on what is trending on Twitter on a daily basis, see what’s trending and choose a trend that you can jump on.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 10.58.44

You might see something in the newspaper while you are on the tube, if the topic is hot I’m sure it will be discussed online as well (twitter, news).

Here is a great example of real time marketing, burger king was trending the other day, I clicked on it and saw this:

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 12.34.30

KFC is promoting their tweet to everybody who searches Burger King. I even searched it again now and this came up:

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 11.03.52

It is very creative, it’s gorilla marketing and real time marketing. In case you wanted to see the tweet itself here it is:

Here is another creative yet simple tweet from Stella Artois:


Another example  that was tweeted on Valentines Day by Cisco:



The WorldCup tweets when Louis Suarez bit the Italian Player:



When iPhone6Plus come out KitKat tweeted this:






Arby’s with a bit of humor tweetting to @Pharrell:



For us as SME’s we need to get our brand out there, we need to engage with our clients and potential clients at every opportunity. This takes time and dedication but at least you are working on it and you are trying to get your brand out there rather than being on holiday and do nothing.

If you need help or more ideas please do visit us in our London office or you can give us a call to schedule a meeting and we can brainstorm some ideas with you.


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