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Why You Should Care About Quality (VIDEO)

Here is our video blog on quality is essential: 

Quality is a word that is abused, you can find thousands of articles about how important quality is, but if you have a look online on SME’s 8 out of 10 companies’ web presence is horrible. Looking only at the basic, like social media set up, Twitter background it’s appalling. I had a conversation with one of our business partners recently, I suggested they improve their quality of video blogs and showed her an example. Their context is very good, you can watch their YouTube video and get useful insights, but the quality of the video is very low.


I tried to explain that it reflects on their brand, if they want to come across as a cheap brand then yes, the video is good; but if they want to stand out and show that they are a reliable brand, it’s fundamental for  them to enhance their video quality, web presence, letterheads, business cards, along with everything should be perfect. Here is the video that I showed her:

Her response was that Grant Cardone is a global bestselling author, well recognised and has the resources (money) to do it. To get from point A to B you have to work hard, you have to find the right partners, if you are doing a digital strategy, you have to search for people who care, love what they do and are willing to do whatever it takes. How do you think Grant got where he is now? By creating low quality videos, having a poor web presence, having a poor book cover design? I don’t think so. I’ve been following Grant for years now and all his digital marketing activities are of the highest quality (Expect email newsletters). How did I find him? On YouTube, I was watching a video by Jefrey Gitomer and he was on the  right hand side as a recommended video. Here is what I did ( and what any user would do):

  • Watched the video.
  • It was excellent quality so I looked at his YouTube profile. Awesome design by the way.
  • Googled him.
  • Found his website (User experience, design and feel was excellent).
  • Went on his Facebook / Twitter: Great unique content on each channel. Excellent.
  • Followed him on Twitter / Liked Him On Facebook
  • He inspired me with his posts, watched more videos.
  • Went to Waterstones Piccadilly searched for his books (Yes, I actually own a Kindle but I love buying printed books from authors and business people who I admire). Couldn’t find his books.
  • Went on found his books: bought one book.
  • Read his book, bought 8 more (Gifts for IQD team)
  • Recommended his books to several clients.
  • I’m currently engaged to his Twitter & Facebook ( Share & Like His Content )

Do you see the process?  It’s interesting how sales are done in the digital age. Now, I have a question, do you genuinely believe I would be a fan of his and a client if he had a video like this:

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 14.13.39


I didn’t even listen to the video (I’m sorry) the context might be very good, but as you can see there is no profile picture on their YouTube account, it was made using a cheap camera and obviously the sound is not even decent.

Why quality matters:

  • You are sending a message out there ( either you want it or not ) if the quality is low our subconscious mind will say that you are a cheap company.
  • How does your brand looks to your potential clients.
  • Some people have low expectations and they will might say it’s a decent twitter background, Facebook timeline, website etc.
  • In order to stand out you have to show it. Talk is cheap. Everybody talks, but few actually do the work.
  • Check five companies web presence and you will see that literally all of them say that they are the ‘best’. You have to show that you are the best and not a scam.


I will be honest with you, I’m not a quality control freak,  I might say something is Okay but it might need more work. That’s where Mike Schizas ( our digital partner here at IQDigital ) comes in. He’s an absolute treat. He checks every detail in terms of development design, how it feels and other aspects on any projects. Something that is approved by my won’t necessarily be approved by him, as he will send it back to our designer to change because he believes it can be better. He pushes everybody’s boundaries. That’s why he is simply the best.  I’m not like him and I admit it. But that’s what makes great companies, we are a team and we are honest with ourselves and our clients. 

My point here is very simple, quality is essential to each company. If you are doing a funny video or it’s your personal account I might say that it doesn’t matter, but it does because at the end of the day, each brand now is now personal. IQD doesn’t sell, I sell. Can you imagine me having a dodgy twitter background as @alexnovicov?  Entering a meeting and telling our client that quality is important and fundamental. That would be hilarious, wouldn’t it?


I must admin that sometimes I design some images for this blog ( IQDigital ) and they are not always that good, they could be enhanced, but because our designers are working on our clients I want to publish an article so I do it. Mike doesn’t check or approve our internal blog articles so I get away with it. Hope he is not reading now 🙂

You have to distinguish yourself from the competition, you have to show that you are unique. Can you imagine if this article would be full of grammar and spelling mistakes? And yes, if you read some articles that I published 4 years ago you can find some spelling mistakes and comments from readers that the context is good but the quality of English is ridiculous. I didn’t hide those comments, they are there, online, I responded to them and then we hired a copywriter to check our articles. But I didn’t just sit there and say that we don’t have the budget or whatever, I took action, I started working on improving myself. I invested in personal development to become a better person, and I can assure you that I’m much better than I was three years ago and I will be better in six months’ time. You know why? Because quality matters, that’s what I believe and I thoroughly believe you should look at your business and do the same. Your profile picture, timeline image, twitter background, everything should be brilliant.

You think I don’t want to start a video blog? I can start immediately, I own an iPhone, so why not? Well I can’t have something public that is not high quality. It reflects on me personally and it reflects on the brand.

Here is a very good video that I found regarding video quality:

I will just quote this young chap: ”If you are doing a personal video, it’s fine”.

1. Quality Sets you apart from the competition

2. Appearance is everything. People’s judgments will be poor if your quality is low.

3. High quality videos last longer.


Here is another example, this is how our website used to be in 2009:

IQDigital 2009 Website

IQDigital 2009 Website

Our website today:

IQDigital Agency Website today

IQDigital Agency Website today

Our new website next month:



Haha, you thought for a second that I will share it with you, didn’t you? Don’t worry I will give you a sneak peek later on our twitter.

My point here is that you always have to improve yourself, and at the end of the day, it’s not only about context , quality or knowledge, it’s everything combined. If you want to be where you are today in 12 months, please be my guest, you actually don’t have to do anything just continue with what you are doing and I promise you nothing will change in your business. It’s not my theory, it’s common sense. But I’m sure that by investing your time reading this article you are the kind of person like me, you are willing to do whatever it takes to move to the next level.

I received an email a couple of weeks ago about IQDigital informing me that IQD have been nominated for the Quality Award in New York. I must admit I was bloody excited. I went on their website:

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 15.12.12

Horrible, isn’t? As soon as I saw this I googled them to check if they were a scam. Apparently they are not. So I emailed back and asked for some more clarification. As you can see on the email below, Helena replied to me with answers. I thought they must be joking, as with this web presence how can anybody attend this kind of awards? I took the next step to see how much the price was. It was £4,000. Yes, I’m for real. That was the price. Two years ago when we were at European Business Awards it had the exact opposite feel: professional and high standard awards. We didn’t even have to pay for being country representatives. Their web presence is brilliant. How on earth would somebody pay £4,000? I wouldn’t even pay £1,000 for the quality awards. How can somebody run this company with such a low standards? ( No offence ) Do you see what I mean? Perception is everything.  I promise you they are losing sales and brand awareness only by having this web presence. Companies with lower standards will definitely attend. That’s another example of quality. There are thousands of low quality companies online, so please don’t be one of them.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 13.35.55

If you need advice and help on your digital strategy or  web presence, give me a call or drop me an email, ( an @ vividn dot com ) I will be more than happy to help you out.

Please share your thoughts with me below or on Twitter, tell me what you think? What’s your opinion? By the way, if you want to start guest blogging at IQDigital Blog, drop me an email and we can discuss this.

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