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Quality Without Content is Pointless

I was recently having a conversation with a friend of mine. His company has a four digit URL and a pretty good website. We began discussing the hierarchy of context and content on blogs. His opinion was that you don’t need articles written on your blog for a short period of time.

I, of course, did not agree. Can’t he see that this makes no sense?

Here’s why:

His company invests a fair amount per year for a four digit URL. I appreciate and agree that four or three digits URLs are excellent. They’re simpler to search for and easier to remember. For example, and other domain names. You are paying a lot, but you’re paying for branding.

But, let me put it this way:


If you’re lucky enough to own a Ferrari, it will surely receive a lot of admirationBut, what if somebody were to open the hood of your Ferrari, and find that the engine is from a Peugeot? Would they still be as impressed? No. They would naturally assume that you have a cheap car with a fancy exterior. They would be sure that you put importance on status, and not quality.

It’s bizarre, really, if you think about it. Some companies expect customers to buy from them simply because they exist. They demand sales without giving anything in return. They want their customers to believe that they own a Ferrari, when it’s painfully obvious from their lack of content and context that they’re driving a Peugeot. This perfectly sums up my theory: #GiveOrDie.

To avoid driving a fake Ferrari, ask yourselves the following questions:

  • What really makes you different? (Think bigger than your product. What about your service, your quality, your innovation?). Utilise this.
  • Why should someone buy from you? What makes your better than your competitor? Realise your strengths and work with them, improve them, sell them. 
  • Have you adapted the ‘Thank You Economy‘? (If not, this is a must read for anybody in business!).


Good content is not just about what you talk about, though, it’s how you talk about it. Let’s imagine another scenario. Say you have a blog and a good brand reputation. But, your blog and articles are full of errors. How do you think this will come across to your readers? Will they think that you made a few harmless mistakes? It’s hard to admit it but no, this is not what they will think. They will assume that you are unprofessional and uneducated (regardless of whether or not they agree with your article). Of course, making a few mistakes is natural. I make mistakes myself, but I work with the adorable Fay Rahmanian who proofreads my content, correcting any spelling, grammar or syntax mistakes that I may have made.

So, my question to you, as it was to my friend, is: what is the point of having a good website, spending an enormous amount of money on a four digit URL, but having no quality content? In this busy, bustling digital world, content is everywhere, but quality content is hard to find.

Social media companies and self claiming ‘gurus’ read articles from Mashable, TechCrunh, Econsultancy, change the words and then publish the same ideas on their own sites. You must have your own views and opinions, and know how to communicate them to your target audience.

I’m disappointed that there are so many businesses that have the wrong mindset about digital marketing. Having the wrong mindset is a dangerous thing. It can damage your brand and end up costing you money, clients and potential.



I’m no expert at SEO, but I do know that quality content and context drives traffic to your website, and this increases your Google rankings, giving you a better chance of being on the first page of Google.

What I want to suggest to you, to everyone, is to focus on content. Write as much quality content as you can. Detail your experiences on your industry topics, and offer examples from your real experiences. People like you and me, who care and believe in helping others, will succeed. People who only care about themselves and their companies will be left wondering what went wrong.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that quality content will generate sales and brand awareness immediately. But it will, eventually. That is guaranteed. I honestly don’t know anybody who became successful overnight. It takes hard work, dedication and a mindset of #WhateverItTakes.

And if anyone tells you otherwise, they’re wrong. 


Once you have quality context and content on your website or blog, then you will need to advertise. Use your social media channels to promote your articles, start conversations with other people in your industry, (yes, you heard me) and with people tweeting about your topics on Twitter, forums and other digital sources.

So my main point is this: don’t invest in things that are only for show. Invest in something that’s real: CONTENT. Don’t just pretend to have a Ferrari, create one by having a quality blog or website full of context and content that people can learn from or be inspired by.

I think this picture sums it all up:


I hope you’ve enjoyed this article. If you have any comments, please leave them below or tweet to @IQDigitalAgency or myself (@alexnovicov). If you fancy a cup of tea with us at Covent Garden, don’t hesitate to contact me and we’d be happy to arrange it :).

P.S Here is a very interesting article from Joel on why context is important. Click Here To Read It.


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