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Why Not Reply To Online Reviews

Each business on this planet has clients, right? Without clients, your business wouldn’t exist. When people give you any kind of feedback you should always  be grateful to them. Without feedback your business will never expand and improve. For example, I know that here at IQDigital (and as a person) we are much better than we were three years ago. How have we improved? Receiving genuine feedback and making changes.


Bear in mind that we as human beings are not absolutely honest about everything. I mean, if somebody asks you if you are satisfied with a service or product you would say ‘Yes, Of Course’ and move on, in some cases you might describe your problem and give your ‘honest’ feedback. For example, I don’t like how my hair was done for the previous two times, frankly I didn’t tell anybody in the hairdressing salon but I would write a review on Yell.

The reason why I’m writing this article is to help you understand that online reviews are fundamental to your business. A client asked me if he should add the Facebook review app, of course I answered, ‘Yes definitely, are you mad? Why don’t you have it yet?’ He said that he is concerned that an ignorant person might comment with a negative response. It strikes me up when I see reviews and the company actually replies to them. If somebody has to say something and their comments are dodgy you should always reply to them and ask them a specific question and try to take them offline. If the person has a real reason to be upset you should always embrace his/her comment and enhance your product or service.

Social Devoted By SocialBakers

Social Devoted By SocialBakers

When you don’t reply to a comment online it means that you basically agree with the review and you don’t care. And YES that’s how our subconscious mind works. If a person came up to you in person and commented about your business, wouldn’t you reply to him? Frankly it makes sense, doesn’t it? So why ignore it online?

Here are some points why you should reply and track (and obviously have options for reviews) feedback:

  • Know how your clients feel about your brand
  • Engage with the customer
  • Show that you care
  • Turn negative to positive and improve

Do you see my point here? When it comes to feedback you should be ruthless and go #allin in engaging with clients. You should thank them and send them a handwritten thank you card! It’s gold for each business.

I gave some training to a client a month or so ago on social media, which obviously went well. I asked for feedback from the team that I trained and everybody said it was very good. After it finished I asked for genuine feedback from the managing director, who said he really liked it and got a lot of insights, so I asked him where I can improve, he promised to send me three points that I could make it more interactive. I will definitely implement those comments next time. Do you see how it works? You have to insist and get honest feedback, every person on this planet can improve and develop better skills.


Last year we worked with a restaurant that never monitored their feedback on TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter or other sources. So what we did was track all comments that they received, a lot of them were positive and they had around 8 negative comments. We replied to each negative and positive comment one by one. From 8 negative comments 5 clients came back for a complimentary meal and as far as I know they visited the restaurant again. We turned negative feedback into loyal clients. Apparently we couldn’t transfer all 8 negative comments  but we got 5 and if anybody reads  negative feedback they will see that we replied to them apologizing and welcoming them back. You might ask what’s the ROI, but as I mentioned many times, you can’t count the ROI on relationships. At the end of the day we are humans and we want to be respected and treated like royalty.

Rather than doing nothing and complaining, why not start making changes today!


Hard work always pays off, it’s not easy peasy but it’s worth it. Some business owners are arrogant and ignorant but you know how that story will end. There are a lot of talented and passionate business people who are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve success.

Did I miss anything? Please write your comment below, even a negative one, I will get back to you, I promise. You can tweet them to me as well.

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