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OMG Share, Share, Share?

Recently I noticed a lot of brands compete on Facebook by sharing images.

Share this, share that, share it again, share it now, share it later, share it tonight, share it tomorrow etc…

Making a video explaining a user how to share is the concept of competition? Really?

Here are a few tips:

– If a user likes something and he is excited about it he will share it without you telling him to (you just have to provide the user with a visual sharing option )

– The sharing part is all nice and good, BUT it gets tiring for users when they receive lots of similar notifications from different brands.

– If you have an application to share, how can you let users share the image?




Try to create more interesting, interactive concepts for users. The days of ‘Like and Win’ advertising is over. Users are becoming increasingly comfortable with more advanced approaches.  Don’t tell me that you don’t have the budget to develop a more interactive application, when for the radio,  TV and other traditional media you have. Do you really not have the budget at the actual point of use?



The second subject which I have probably covered  1 million times is fans. Do you think that your 15,000 fans will remain fans after the competition ends? Or will they hide your posts that are constantly trying to sell your product or service? This brings us back to #engagement.

Be more creative, spend more time developing the whole idea, get the your project brief right before you start your design and development!

Here is an example of a nice interactive application that Beauty Line Cyprus did.

Share this article, share it please…

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Isn’t it annoying? If you like it and find it useful you will share it. We as users know how to use the web and share/ tweet articles that we find useful!





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