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OMFG Marketing Factor

OMFG in urban dictionary means: ‘Oh My Fucking God’  and what I will suggest to you is to implement this factor to your marketing activities.

You go to Tesco’s to buy your weekly groceries, you get average client service; you search for a pub on Google and you find average (and in most cases poor) websites and social media accounts; you go to Starbucks and receive average client service; your inbox is filled with average newsletter campaigns that are trying to sell you something; you meet with a solicitor you get average advice;  your mobile phone has average reception, my point is that our lives are packed with average business and marketing activities around us.


I went for a drink to Kensington Roof Gardens the other day, I was standing outside and there was a girl that started talking to me as we were standing, she was born in London but one of her parents is Italian, the other two girls were born and bred in London, native British girls. I can say they were pretty young, in their early 20’s, maximum 25. I don’t remember her name but let’s call her Lucy, so Lucy asked me ‘How are you doing’ I usually reply something along this lines off:  ”I’m perfect / I’m brilliant / I’m good” and most of the time it’s the first one. I don’t want to exaggerate but that’s what I usually say and I will explain in a bit why. So this native British young girl turned to me and said whilst walking away that I’m arrogant. Lucy on the other hand laughed and we chatted for two more minutes. My point here is that people are used to hearing the same responses, ‘I’m good’ or ‘I’m doing well” and so on. When people hear something different they are surprised and automatically criticise when somebody is different. And yes, I tend to believe that I’m different and I genuinely believe  that each person on this planet should show how different they are with their creativity and the way they do everything, especially people in business and marketing. And coming back to that ridiculous girl I would recommend not walking around the bar half naked and complaining why she is still single, it really pisses me off when I see little girls with no brains so naive.


You might  wonder why I’m sharing this story with you, well it’s very simple, it all comes down to how good and creative you are in your digital marketing, social media and offline marketing. What I consider an OMFG factor is everything in a business, starting from your business cards, your pitch, your service, your products ( or services), packaging, delivery service, anything that involves your clients.

Let’s start with a simple delivery service, I’m a client at and always when I order our mini cards at they mention to you that you will receive your order within 10 days ( standard delivery ). I always receive it within 7 or less days, and I’m always surprised. They always include different stickers on their packaging, like ‘Yay’ or ‘It’s nice to see you again’ and other creative slogans and make me feel special and show that they really care. This is what I call an OMFG factor, because you are surprised and they always over deliver.

Twitter accounts, yeah most of our Twitter accounts are the same, no extra effort making a custom design background, context is usually selling, and I’m really pissed off that business people don’t understand one simple mentality, people don’t have twitter accounts to view our advertising, they don’t say every time before they log in let’s see who advertises on sponsored accounts, or who is paying for a promoted trend? NO of course not people go on twitter ( and other social media channels ) to read their timeline, their mates’ tweets, their fav interests and so on. So why not exhilarate each user with useful and vivid content?


I was in a business meeting recently with a client and I advised them to change their banners every two days if they don’t see a good conversion rate. So this bloke didn’t want to spend that much time on banner placement, just make two/three banners and leave them there. Well, frankly  marketing has changed, its’ not how it used to be in 1995, it’s a lot of hard work and we as businesses will always find obstacles, but the key to succeed is to overcome these obstacles and create creative and useful campaigns to inform people about our products or services.

Needless to say, websites of SMES’ nowadays look appalling, really terrible, I wonder for how long they will survive in this economy. For example, I was looking for dogs’ grooming for my dog Chanel, I found quite a few websites of course. Frankly a lot of them were terrible. I went for a walk in Finsbury Park over the weekend and met with Chanel’s friend Bubu ( and of obviously their owner ) So my mates suggested to me a grooming salon they go to, it was nearby in Lordship Lane, I googled the name and found it, called them four times without getting a response. Their website, as you can see below, is terrible, a template. Posh Pets, not so posh online are you? Finally, in the afternoon when I gave them a call a very sweet lady answered the phone and told me they were fully booked, so the next available spot is next week on Monday, bloody hell, that’s a very long time to wait. I made the booking.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 09.43.22


After I researched more and found a very nice and elegant website:

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.54.44

Beautiful isn’t? So when I clicked on the section that I was interested in, I found this page:

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.56.04


Look at this stunning and simple design:

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.56.13

Frankly if they had told me they were fully booked I would have booked Chanel for the next available day, but luckily they had a spot this week! Brilliant! I was sold just by the design and user experience, and they are based in North London as well. One last point, on their Facebook page, they feature their clients’ dogs as their content strategy, I mean how cool is this?

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.59.43


I thoroughly liked this post:

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.50.30


Take a guess why…. ( It’s all in the name ) Here is Chanel if you haven’t seen her:


This has the OMG factor and a bit of OMFG factor. They won a client before I even stepped into their store. So I reckon their service are brilliant as their website and Facebook. Of course there are some minor improvements to be done, but then again that’s a very good example.

OMFG factor in marketing can really be anywhere, It can be in the advertising banner, for example narrowing down your target audience to a specific group with a custom message. So for instance, target only Females, ages 23-32, in a relationship who live in Central London, now we will have a creative text and banner attached. I’m sure the cost per click will be lower and your conversion rates will be higher. It has more details in it, so if you fancy drop me a line ( an @ vividn dot com ) or give me a call on 020 8245 0422 and I will help you out.

So basically in order to succeed and thrive in your industry adopt the OMFG factor and #GiveOrDie mentality, I’m sure you will do well.

Start with your digital strategy and then move forward.

What do you think, did I miss out something? Please do let me know below on the comment section or tweet it to me.

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