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No Time, No Clients

Ever heard the classic: ‘I don’t have time for digital strategy/social media’?

I hear it all too often.

It’s a shame to be honest with you. Listen (or read, in this case), someone is offering you the chance for higher success within your company, and your response is: ‘I don’t have time’? If somebody were to say: ‘I’d like to buy from you’, well then that’s a different story. I’m pretty sure you would have time for that. Yet, when someone offers you insights, ideas and information that will gain you more clients, suddenly time disappears.

Let’s have a look at this ‘website’ that has particularly stirred me:

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 13.20.56


I don’t think I need to say anything more, really. In case you were wondering what’s wrong with this website: everything is wrong with this ‘website’. I would be ashamed to be associated in any way with this web presence. If you met the owner of this accounting firm at a networking event, then saw this website, would you ever, ever recommend this business to anybody? I very much doubt it. And if anyone reading this thinks that they would, I think that you have a problem.

If you were to find this website on Google (I’m joking by the way, I think Google wouldn’t even read this website), but let’s say, a miracle happens and you did come across this website, I would give it 10 seconds before you left without reading anything. And for your information, I bet that this website is advertised on a few portals.

Now, on the other hand, let’s have a look at H&C Accounting Firm:



This is a different story, isn’t? I don’t want to brag about how great we are, but think about these two websites. Compare any other accounting website and social media site to H&C Accounting. Have a look. Consider user experience, design, brand presence and branding.  Of course, an awesome website doesn’t magically get you sales leads instantly. You have to work hard in order to get leads and convert them. That’s just common sense.


I cannot stress enough the importance of digital marketing and web presence. I often go to networking events and exchange business cards. When I find people interesting, I check out their web presence and try to follow them on Twitter to stay in touch. But some people’s web presence are terrible, and that’s not even mentioning their content strategy. As discussed in my previous articles, business owners are eager to grow their business, but how on earth will you grow when anyone will change their mind about your company the second that they look at your web presence?


And one more thing: why don’t you try to connect with new people outside your circle? Do people have to actually say that they want to BUY from you for you to engage with them? Where did the humanity in building relationships go? You can have a chin wag with someone and you never know where it might take you.

This is a wake up call for you. Revise your digital strategy!

The next time you say you have no time for digital marketing, think about where you’ll be in 5 years. Ohh, wait that’s too long. Think about where you’ll be in the next year.

Ironically, I had a meeting recently with a business owner. He was telling me that his cash flow is low. His web presence is…how can I say it politely? Naff and outdated. There is a very inspirational quote that goes something like this: ‘What you do today, is the result of tomorrow’. Let me put it this way: if your web presence is zero today, tomorrow your bank account will be the same. BUT if you invest time, effort and energy into learning more about digital marketing, social media, tweeting and engaging, you will see the difference in your bank account.

Think about your web presence for a minute. How does it look? Do you have a WOW factor? How does your Twitter look? If you need an honest suggestion, give me a call at 020 8245 0422 at our IQDigital headquarters. I will give you genuine feedback. Or you could drop me an email an at vividn dot com.

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