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No Time For Digital Marketing & Advertising? (VIDEO)


I hear this from a lot of business people, ‘I don’t have time for digital strategy nor for online advertising’. Then the next month I see they tweet that they are in Miami on holidays. In two years time I’m sure they will remember me and say why I didn’t find time for digital marketing.

Find time for marketing

Find time for marketing

You see the reality is that our businesses fund our lifestyle, it pays salaries, bills and it makes profits. From where does this money come? Well of course from clients, where else. If we as SME business owners and marketing managers don’t invest in our brands soon we won’t be able to fund salaries, bills and all those nice things that we have. You can spent £5,000 to go on a nice holiday but you don’t want to invest £500 in online advertising? It doesn’t make sense. Well it does it tells me that this business people are more focused on today rather than tomorrow.

You see you don’t need £5k or £10k budget to advertise online, you can use Facebook Dark Posts, Facebook Advertising, Twitter Advertising, Google Ad Words and other Pay Per Click methods. You can invest £300/£400 or £500 whatever your budget is you can invest, there is no limitation. You can invest £5 daily and start promoting your brand. In your advertising give value to people don’t just say how great you are. Inspire people. If you don’t know what platforms you should use ask for help, ask a digital marketing person. You can give me a call at 020 3130 0451 and I will help you.

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