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New Google Reader Design

Hi! We found this nice article in blog.

Next week we are going to be seeing some big changes, “highly requested“, to Google Reader.

According to a blog post from software engineer, Alan Green, a total aesthetic redesign is coming to Google Reader along with a push to mesh popular social Google Reader features with Google+, “so you can share the best of your feeds with just the right circles.”

For those of you familiar with Google Reader, most of the social features will migrate to Google+. Next week Google Reader features such as “friending, following and shared link blogs” are going to be retired. Instead of using these features on Google Reader, you can “sign-up for Google+ right now and start prepping Reader-specific circles.”

By integrating Google Reader into Google+, we are seeing Google’s push to integrate all their products and get more activity centralized onto their social network baby.

Google+ is now confirmed at over 40 million users, and we are in for quite a few changes. Google is working on making an experience for brands on Google+ and even more exciting is a flexible response to the real-name policy controversy. According to PCmag, Vic Gundotra announced that “pseudonyms are coming” at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Fransisco.

If you are not into Google+ and find Google Reader to be completely defiled by this redesign, Google is all about giving you access and control over your data. Therefore, Google “will also be extending Reader’s subscription export feature” so you can take your subscriptions, shared items, friends, likes, and starred items with you.

Google is redesigning all-over, streamlining their services and literally shutting-down the clutter of failed productsEven Gmail is getting a redesign! You are going to see a Gmail that fits to any size window, updated high-definition themes, redesigned conversations including profile pictures, a new customizable search box with filters, and more. Check-out the video:

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