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New Facebook Guidelines Changes For Promoted Images

Yes, there are major changes on promoted images post for Facebook. Although they won’t come into force until 15th January, we wanted to give you prior warning. Facebook wants to reduce the amount of text in your promoted posts and Page Posts Ad Images. They want to prevent news feeds from being littered with posts that are more like ad banners. The whole point of this change is that FB wants you to have  engaging and useful information, which is what they originally intended.

Although promoted posts are great tools, there are concerns about the user’s experience. When timeline was introduced earlier this year, it came with guidelines that allow no more than 20% of text; the text can’t contain your website, price or discount information.

And now with promoted posts, they  are applying the same philosophy.

So how do you know how to apply 20%? You need to make sure that your text is minimal, otherwise Facebook will not approve them or pause them.

Facebook will no longer allow images like the example below:

This Kind Of Images Will Not Be Allowed from Facebook

This Kind Of Images Will Not Be Allowed from Facebook


Instead of the example above, try using something like the one below. Capturing faces and feelings to get your message across. Create an experience.


Create Experiences, Provide Value

Create Experiences, Provide Value

Now, I guess you will be asking ‘But what if need to sell something’. Okay that’s possible. Come up with an image like the example below and include a link that will answer the question. For example: Discover some tips for your digital strategy at or daily tips on my twitter.

Digital Strategy? Add A 'Selling Link'

Digital Strategy? Add A ‘Selling Link’

These changes are difficult, but by being one step ahead, you can start complying now. After 15th of January, you will not have to worry!


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