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New Achievement! We are Trusted Agency Parter Now!

As you all know we were local partners for Cyprus on Socialbakers for detailed analytics. Now as leaders in the digital marketing we have taken one step above and became Trusted Agency Partners with Socialbakers for Cyprus and Greece. It’s really a pleasure and honor becoming accepted in a global social media analytics platform such as Socialbakers.


You can view on Socialbakers website our achievement for Cyprus and Greece Here:

Click Here For Cyprus & Click Here For Greece. You even can view our logo on the main page of statistics for Cyprus & Greece! Is it amazing?

What is Trusted Agency Partner?

As we are representing Cyprus and Greece with best knowledge about Socialbakers super exciting analytics features that we will be rolling out from January 2012!

As a Trusted Agency partner we have a  better access to Socialbakers technologies, being able to try out new features even earlier, and being specifically trained by Socialbakers.

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