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Negative Feedback On Facebook Is More Important

Yes it’s true, negative feedback on Facebook is more important than ever now. With 1 billion users worldwide and with a tremendous number of Business Fan Pages on Facebook, it’s getting harder to engage with people ( users ) online.  Facebook recently had made a significant change on analytics algorithm, which increased the importance of negative feedback.

You will need to avoid any negative feedback on your content so you could keep up your ‘healthy’ engagement.

Ask and analyse:

-How much negative feedback does your content usually receive?

-What is the average negative feedback that pages on Facebook receive in my industry?

-How many fans are not receiving my content due to negative feedback?

-Did your paid media influence your negative feedback?

-What topics are creating negative feedback?

Negative vs Paid

Negative vs Paid

The red dots represent each individual post. The higher the dot, the worse for your fan page.

You should be very careful when you post because before you know it, from 5,000 Facebook fans your posts might be seen only by 500 users (people)

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