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Why the majority of social media advice is wrong

We hear a lot of experts and advertising agencies say; “Just go and post on Facebook”, “Run Facebook Ads” “Start an Instagram Account” and all your problems will be solved. If it was that easy don’t you think every single company that has social media would have been profitable and successful?  Yep, that’s what I thought.

There are two problems; the experts that advise companies just to jump on social media and advertising agencies that jump on social media with a traditional mentality. People, we human beings don’t want to consume more advertising. When you finish work after 18:00 you don’t want to consume more ads because you are tired of them. You consume content (read content) that interests you.

The solution is to create quality content for your desired target audience. Posting a few pictures, showcasing your shoes and cakes will not do the job. You need to have a unique story that is yours and you need to have quality content that people want to consume.

Traditional mentality doesn’t work any more. I see so many brands waste hard earned money on useless banners that people pay to block.  The reason why these adverts get approved and are run is because the majority of ads are ego-boosting ads.

Look how great we are, look at what we are doing, we are better than our competitors, we are so much bigger, you should definitely buy from us. We are all selfish, we all care about ourselves and what we will get out of something.


Okay, repeat after me; people are selfish, they care about themselves. They don’t care about our latest new pair of shoes or our latest new iPhone. What we all care about is how we can benefit from something.

The solution is to create what people want to consume; stories. Ohh wait, I can hear some say we have stories; yes, it’s true. Everybody story tells; in a cheesy way, in a ‘buy-from-me’ way and in an inspiring way.

How do you story tell? You can start with your beliefs. Your own story that I’m sure is inspiring. Here are a few things to ask yourself; Why did you start your brand? Why do you love this company?

We don’t buy a hammer because we want a hammer, we buy a hammer because we want a hole in our wall to put up a painting that we bought. This is so simple yet so hard to communicate to marketing managers and CEOs.

Social media is just a communication vehicle, nothing else. Rather than running down the street and shouting you have a product on social media you can make an impact and listen.

To win on social media you need to go beyond just nice designs; you need a strategic approach. You can win by providing VALUE to people; show them how they can solve a problem, inspire them, try to solve a social problem that we have in society.

There are so many issues that we face as a society and companies have a huge advantage to win if they jump and provide more value to people.

The majority of people think short term: increase the bottom line today and forget about tomorrow. There are plenty of strategies that you can use to increase your bottom line, more media budgets, more noise and you just increased it today.

The key question that I love asking is what do you want to happen in the next 12/24/48 months? Here at IQD Agency we can increase your bottom line but what do you want to happen in the future?

A lot of marketing managers say they think long term but their actions show otherwise.

I predict that the budgets that most companies spend today to remind clients that they exist (brand awareness) and to acquire new clients will dramatically increase. Hey, it’s already happening, it’s increasing day by day, minute by minute.

If you need €100,000 to keep your market share and to have a 5% increase in sales today ( December 2017), this will not work any more in 6 months. You will need €200,000 to achieve the same results. It means your profitability will decrease dramatically and you will need more clients to survive.

This is not something new; 7 years ago when I started the agency we had a client that had a €500 budget for Facebook ads. Today you can’t really do much with this budget. They need x10 that budget just to get people’s attention.

Experts and advertising agencies will not tell you the truth because there is a lot of money to be made. Of course, it’s common sense that it’s better to get paid today and tell something that the client already knows rather than pushing boundaries and having different conversations. Change is hard.

I understand that we all have different goals and ambitions. I just want to help you achieve your goals and know that if you are listening to people you trust without doing a small amount of research yourself you will be left out. Bad advice is very expensive.

Social media advertising cost is going up and up, what do you think it will decrease? Of course not. The only way to win in business and life is to provide more value to the other person.

If you need help with your marketing, we can have a complimentary consulting service to discuss your needs, you can drop me a line on [email protected] or call 22 101935.

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