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#LiveForNow Twitter Campaign

I logged on to my twitter and viewed a Promoted Trend, namely #LiveForNow.

Isn’t it amazing – how the magician Dynamo appears to defy gravity and seems suspended in mid-air, beside the top level of a double-decker bus?

This is a superb example of an offline campaign integrating with social media. As you can see, Pepsi Max advertises on the #LiveForNow bus, Dynamo interacts with the crowds by taking pictures and smiling, and the people witnessing the scene are tweeting about it all as it happens. However, Pepsi didn’t just sit around and wait for the public to make this a global trend – they promoted it themselves via Twitter global trends (my guess is that the ad is targeted at people who live in London and that’s why I could see it).


#LiveForNow Trends

#LiveForNow Trends



When @PepsiMaxUk tweeted ‘Anything is possible #LiveForNow’, they were actually offering us an inspirational message and a reason to contribute our own sentiments and perspectives.

Here are more tweets:






What we should all learn from this campaign is that using creativity and imagination (and discarding traditional selling/marketing methods that consumers are bored to death with), you can truly inspire and motivate people to communicate with your brand and each other.

And here is the video:


Pepsi just launched this YouTube video ad with the campaign – check it out:

What are your thoughts?

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