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LinkedIN Tips For B2B (video)

LinkedIn currently have more than 15 million users based on article. No wonder why business B2B owners and marketers are trying to get the most of out it. LinkedIn is a fundamental social media tool to connect with our current clients and potential clients. You can even follow news and insights that matter to you (Pulse) I can’t stress enough how important it is. Thou I find LinkedIn user experience not great but it’s a very useful tool.


While I’m going to write some tips, I thought of sharing first a great presentation on having a great profile which is the basic for any business owner.

10 Tips for the Perfect LinkedIn Profile from LinkedIn


1. Customize Your Linkedin URL 

You have to have a custom profile URL, which means it has to be your name. You can do it here. It has to look like this: for your personal account.

2. Show your work

Show what you have done, on what clients you are working and provide links. You can even make a small presentation and embed it to your profile like I did (see below)

LinkedIn Presentation

LinkedIn Presentation

3. Engage with people you don’t know

You can send messages to people you don’t know, but NEVER sell with your first message. I get so many emails with people trying to sell to me (and I guess you do as well) without providing any value to me. The first thing I do is hit the delete button. Don’t be annoying, take genuine interest in people and provide value, maybe send your blog article, a video or something useful.

LinkedIn Spam

LinkedIn Spam

4. Make connections with old clients and friends 

Reconnect with your old friends and old clients. LinkedIn introduced new contacts tool to make relationships, click add connections in the drop down menu. Stay in touch with people, when it’s their birthday, changed jobs, or any other event just engage. Remember always give, give give.

5. Offer unique content on LinkedIn 

A lot of social media experts would disagree with me about this one, but I vividly believe that LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest should have a different content. If you share same posts on Linkedin and Twitter you don’t give me a reason to connect with you on both social media channels. If I’m online at 14:25 and I’m reading my Twitter timeline I will read your tweet then I will log on to my LinkedIn timeline I will read the same post? Why do I need duplicated content on my timeline.

6. Join relevant groups 

LinkedIn has a lot of groups available to the public in different industries. Join different groups and follow conversations you will get a lot of insights and new ideas in your industry. You can even follow groups that your clients might be engaging in.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 18.14.13

7. Give, Give, Give

When you meet people offline LinkedIn is a great tool to connect with the person online as well. Make sure your profile looks professional and appealing. You might went to a networking event for example and connected with a potential client or partner make sure you don’t start selling, but give relevant information to the prospect. Always have a mindset of giving, giving and giving rather than asking, asking and asking!

Hope this article helped you. I want to hear your opinion, comment below or tweet me.

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