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It’s Think Before You Speak…Think Before You Post!

Recently i have noticed that Facebook post organically is lower than it was before. There are many brands out there that have seen a dramatic loss on their average posting and engagement.

Between August and September ( i even wrote an article after a few days ) that brought a lot of brands to their worst social media engagement ever. This has been confirmed by Facebook, by SocialBakers, EdgeRank and other analysts out there. There is a huge decreasing on the posts with a sharp dip.

Social Media


You have to understand, that Facebook has 1 billion users now, the news feed of facebook now is a ‘place’ where all the brands want to be. Everybody wants to survive on their social media. There are several points things you will need to consider. I will not write to you everything but i will share with you some of the key points 🙂

I will talk a bit about it to help you achieve a higher engagement.

There is Definitely ‘Traffic’

Listen, to keep it simple, imagine 1 billion users, brands out there are trying to reach their target audience on Facebook. Imagine each friend on facebook want to reach on their friends news feeds. That’s why Facebook created the ‘lists‘ for users to add their favorite brands and friends into Categories. It’s very hard to handle so many users and show everything in the news feed.

There are business that are posting 3,4 times per day, imagine what competition is going out there! Think about your number of posts, is it 2 per day? Is It 1 per day? My first tip to you is to go back review your analytics, timings that you post, content and one of the most important is context. Then start posting.

Posts are increasing month by month, day by day, don’t waste users newsfeed with something that is not useful.


Based on Socialbakers, from 7,800 pages that they track, they found that the total number of organic post impressions is stable, or has actually gone up slightly, which can be explained by brands posting more often and there is some good context that is shared more. The result of this that really there is not enough space in the News Feed and this comes up to a lower general reach. The higher the volume, the lower the average per post.

Facebook Posting

Facebook Posting


It’s about context that engages!

An average user has 140 friends and imagine then how many fan pages did each user like. There are dozens of fan page that each user like, so imagine how much scrolling a user has. Will he scroll for 10 minutes to find your ‘adorable’ and ‘valuable’ post? Facebook always says ‘continually otimizes it’s News Feed to ensure the most relevant experience’  for it’s users which affects both organic and viral reach.

End of the day, Facebook makes money from having users data, to get into the point, it’s each users news feed. If people will be getting bored from their newsfeed they will not think of the fan pages that post all the time selling posts, they will think ‘Facebook is Getting Boring’ so facebook wants to make sure that users don’t get bored on their ‘party’.

The ‘action call’ for engaging posts is comment, like, share and so on, so keep it short and be visual. Give your fans, value, not just pushing out your message, not a good context but awesome context. I’m not saying it’s easy, but be creative, think and provide value to your posts!

Think before you post

Think before you post


Always think of your own news feed and think as a user!

Always Think Before You Post

Always Think Before You Post


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