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It’s Complicated…Facebook Newsfeed…How To Get In There

Recently ( well that’s what i always do but anyway ) i have been reading 99% of articles from blogs on other people opinion about fan pages on Facebook losing page reach. I have read great articles from TechCrunch, Mashable, Mashable Social Media, SocialFresh, EdgeRank, SocialBakers and other vendors and great people.

For the past two months a lot have been going on with facebook fan page reach, i even wrote an article that Facebook newsfeed is getting fulled up. And everybody is complaining about it, i mean literally everybody. Facebook lately has officially announced that it’s not decreasing fan pages views. One thing is for sure, we learn every day from Facebook and from all the data that we see and get about newsfeed.

Getting In The...News Feed

Getting In The...News Feed

The most powerful impactful change that has been made that brand managers should be aware of is Facebook negative feedback.

Facebook is working now to try to combat spammy fan pages. With over than 1billion users worldwide and 575,000 thousand users in Cyprus you can understand that brings more business fan pages on facebook. As i have mentioned on one of my tweets, Fan Pages are posting x2 from last September. Think how many selling posts each user view everyday. Have in mind that Facebook for users is a way of communicating with their friends as well.

Going back to negative feedback. Users can effectively destroy your post reach.

The next question you are probably asking, is how can you track your negative feedback and how you can avoid it.


Here is how Facebook defines negative feedback. If a fan of your fan page performs one of the following actions:

– Hide ( Hide this story )

– Hide All ( Hide all stories from your page )

– Report Spam ( My personal opinion is the worst )

– Unlike Page

But how my fans report negative feedback?

The most common thing for a fan to do ( from my personal experience ) is just simple to hide it.

A Facebook Fan Hiding Your Posts

A Facebook Fan Hiding Your Posts


Here is a breakdown of negative feedback things users do on Facebook:

  • Hide Post: 76%
  • Hide All Posts From Page: 16%
  • Report as Spam: 8%
  • Unlike page: 1%

We can say that we are very lucky that 1% unlikes our fan page. While the 16% hides everything, this percentage  damages your fan page a LOT! It completely destroys your page score on Facebook.

Here i would like to share with you what Facebook recently stated:

“If a specific post has received complaints by other users who have seen it, or the page who posted it has received lots of complaints in the past, you’ll be less likely to see that post. This factor became a lot more prevalent with the edgerank update in September 2012.”

Monitoring Each Post?!

I bet you are thinking now how can you solve this issue and know how many ‘negativity’ your users have. There are a couple of solutions. You can use any realtime monitoring 3rd platforms tools that are across the web or page insights. (We will include the number on our reporting to our clients)

I have read some people telling that you should remove negative comments by the fan page owners. Currently in the social media world in Cyprus there is a huge amount of brand managers that are deleting negative comments and not replaying. But this is not how facebook counts negative feedback.

Negative feedback ( speaking from a facebook api perspective ) has nothing to do with this. Negative feedback is measured by actions i mentioned above ‘Hide Story’, ‘Hide All’, ‘Report Spam’

Monitoring Social Media

Monitoring Social Media

But How To Avoid It?

I had a look at detailed analytics at some of the top fan pages (content) in Cyprus and abroad. For the past 3 weeks i have been tracking every posts from 6 different accounts to ‘test’ it myself. Here is what i noticed.

1. Images negative or positive?

Ok, we read and viewed that images drive a very good engagement. But ok images that has actually to do with your industry, not just some cheap images from google with a dog or a cat. That will bring to you cheap engagement. But images what i noticed also drive most negative feedback.

On blogs, you will notice that people often tell that you should post images regularly, even i said it. This is true, but it also can be abusive. Images catch the attention of the user, good or bad, it depends on what is the image. So if your image is ‘not good’ it will be a magnet to negative feedback.

My tip to you is to use your creativity and bring true value to your images and posts. Here are some custom designed images that we recently have done.

Some quality posts example

Some quality posts example

Another Pinterest Pin

Another Pinterest Pin

Interesting Pin from Pinterest / Context & Content

Interesting Pin from Pinterest / Context & Content

You can see if a post has quality and value. All the above posts (content & context ) are unique. Images are bought from DepositPhotos.Com, unique context and design are done by vivid.

2. Your fans interests 

Remember, you promised to deliver to your fans content that has to do with your brand. For example, let’s say Beauty Line advertised or entered on their newsletter a banner with the following message: ‘Become our fan to receive exclusive offers and tips’ so you like the fan page after two, three weeks Beauty Line would publish content that is not relevant with anything that has to do with Beauty Offers and Tips, would you like it as a fan?

Hmmm… I don’t think so.

You have to know that your fans expect from you what you promised to them. They will forgive you once, twice but on the third time, the click on the Report would be done.

View your reporting deeply, don’t just have a look at your engagement or your fan growth. Have a look at what is your fans interest, what is the percentage of topics that they are interested. Is it beauty, entertainment, health?  What are there interests? Then think and deliver your content.

Relevant Content

Relevant Content



3. More fans…more engagement… expect correlation 

You remember when i wrote an article that the more fans you get the harder it gets to get engagement? Well the same goes with interactions on your posts. You think just by adding some facebook ads you will be great, successful and high percentage of engagement? Easy Tiger…

The more interactions you have, the more your post gets popular. It will also will show in people’s news feed that are not used to see your page content. Some percentage of the fans will not be interested in your content. Make it targeted. Target your own fans that their interests are based on your brand.

Some of the most engaging posts that we delivered, had some of the most negative feedback as well. Make sure you benchmark your content to decrease negative feedback.  This brings us to the very beginning…Creating your fan page and targeting YOUR target audience… If your audience is targeted correct them, there would be a smaller percentage for fans to hide and report your content.

As Facebook mentioned this new focus that they have on Negative Feedback should increase engagement and keep reach relatively steady. As they are rewarding pages with lower negative feedback and punish those with negative feedback.

As a brand manager, you need to stay strong and focus on your content. Always think like you are your own fan. What would you like to see? Ask yourself, Do I Really Provide Value?  Check your analytics, what time should i post? I will be writing soon an article helping you with content, stay tunned!




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