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Influencers, the future of your business

 Influencers, a small word with a huge meaning!

Who is an influencer? Influencer is a person on social media that influences other people ( followers, friends ) on their social media platforms. Depending on different topics, for example some people can be influencers on Coffee, Social Media, Fashion, Cars ect.


How do you know if you are an influencer? Let’s say if i speak about iPhone apps on my social media platforms i might influence some of my followers and friends based on what i say. There are different kind of web platforms like Klout and PeerIndex to identify your score, what most of the people call it, its the Klout Score. But i suggest you use it only for your personal social media use not your brands.

My account on Klout

My account on Klout


Lets take live examples, my Klout score is 53 out of 100. I’m influential about the following topics: Social Media, Media, Energy, iPhone, Brand Management, Apple, Coffee, London, Mobile Advertising, LinkedIn, Marketing, Football, Starbucks, LinkedIn, Facebook, Foreclosure and other. ( Yes imagine there is a category that i influence, Starbucks. And i never was rewarded for that )




Klout users can give you a ‘+K ‘ a plus K means that they believe and get influenced by me on the subjects that they want to give me a ‘+K’

Give a +K as an influencer

Give a +K as an influencer






My Influencers on Social Media

My Influencers on Social Media



You can add your influencers, for example i have on my Klout my Friends Marcos Komodromos, SNiPER, Michalis Maimaris, Vicky, Andreas, Michalis, Evangelos as my influencers. On the right hand side you can see the topics that your friends influence you about.







I influence on Klout


The same goes to me, there are group of friends that i influence. You can see on what topics i influence people. It counts all your social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, WordPress, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, Blogger, Flickr.







Achievements on Klout

Achievements on Klout


There are different kind of achievements that Klout provides you with as well. For example, Klout Addict, The 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, Conquer Twitter, Conquer Facebook and there are a lot more. Here are only some of my achievement.





I know there are people, that invest their time, effort righting on blogs, sharing different information and other different content to achieve a high Klout number! At some point i was reading a blog that a user in UK, saw her Klout Score dropping, she got a depression after. She contacted Klout and asked them if there was something wrong with their platform, end of the day it was some technical issues. People are addicted to their Klout Score!

Reading a very interesting book, i found some interesting case studies that where done abroad. Starbucks made a promotion with Klout, influencers were offered a free sample of Pike Place Roast. The promotion was unique. It didn’t only targeted people who love coffee, but it actually targeted the actual users/individuals who were ranked as top influencers on the topic ‘coffee’. They were not buying tweets or ads, they were receiving products because they influence people.

”Find and engage with your influencers and they can become evangelists for your brand” 

To sum it up, think about it, influencers can actually become loyal to your brand or destroy you. I have said it a lot of times, but i will repeat, the days of ‘easy likes and followers’ are over. Creating a fan page, twitter account and advertising ‘Like Us To Win An iPhone’ is very old now. Users are there online speaking about YOU about your BRAND, are you there? Listing and Responding to them?

Some of you might be reading this and telling how many users to actually have a Klout account, Twitter account? Yes i know the numbers might be low, but i will tell one thing, Twitter is currently in top 10 pages that Cyprus users visit daily, Klout users are lower, but there is a percentage of them using it and speaking about YOU, 140,000 users are not enough for you? Maybe 200,000 users? Well we all know facebook has 540,000 users and its growing daily.

Find your influencers, and reward them!

Now, go and set up your Klout Account! or

Welcome to Klout!

Welcome to Klout!



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