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How We Transformed Central Hotel London

Our goal was to transform the Central Hotel London brand image, create an emotional story and rebuild a new web presence. To increase direct bookings there are different layers and aspects of the brand that needs to be addressed and implemented. How the brand makes the guest feel, trust and other aspects of branding.

Rather than talking about us, which is the case for most brands, we talk about our guests because ultimately it’s always about them.

This is how their web presence looked before;

We created a fresh new logo:

We created a unique story that is true to Central Hotels Identity and their core beliefs. The goal of the story is to inspire, is to build trust, it’s to communicate hotels owners passion.

Ultimately we created a new story, new logo, new website that communicates everything we want the guest to see;

Our tagline of the story is Explore More. Do more 

Our goal is for people to explore London, do more more in London. To live in the present moment and to enjoy their stay.

You can read the story here and understand how deep we drilled. The goal is never a new website or a fancy new logo, it’s substance. Brand substance. I’m very passionate about meaning and purpose and helping people live with passion. Stories help us do that.

We did a professional photo shoot to showcase the area, team members and our hotel of course.

The look and feel of the whole brand changed and it encourages users to book direct and trust Central Hotel London. Currently, we are executing the story and implementing different strategies to increase direct bookings and build a brand. Create something that spreads and inspires.

We create social content to increase engagement, website traffic and run targeted social media adverts.

Here’s a GIF that we design for a social media promotion:

Another GIF:

Static Design that compliments the story and is consistent with all our designs.

Another design to influence people to book direct:

Valentines Day:

A static design on discovering yourself:

This designed gained a lot of attraction;

We always think of ways we can think of creative ideas and stand out.

When you really care about your guests, your customers you show it.

If you are interested in creating a story, you can get in touch with me on [email protected] or 07575 531360 and we can arrange a meeting and see if we can help you. If we are fully booked we have a waiting list for clients. We work with one client at a time because we believe in quality not quantity.


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