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How to add your favorite brands into lists on Facebook

If you want to get latest updates from your favorite brands in separate ‘pages’ you can.

You can create your own custom lists based on your interests and activities.

Here is the way:

On your left hand side you can view lists that i have created:


Lists on Facebook

Lists on Facebook


If you want to view all your lists you can click on the ‘Friends’ section ‘More’ to open up all your lists:

Creating Lists on Facebook

Creating Lists on Facebook


You can click and create a list for example,



When you like a fan page that you like on facebook, make sure to have ‘Show in News Feed’ Ticked

Liking a Page

Liking a Page


After this stage select on what ‘list’ do you want to have your fan page. If you want to create a new list you can click on ‘New List’

Lists on Facebook

Lists on Facebook


Well that’s it! It’s simple!

Enjoy a different Facebook experience!

Don’t ever miss an update from brands that you LIKE!


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