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How Creative Content Can Help Your Hotel Marketing

I always say, ‘Normal is boring’, because nobody pays attention to normal. Normal doesn’t move things; people don’t share average things with their friends, right? Can you imagine a friend going to the movies and coming back to you bragging about the average movie he watched? Nobody shares average.



In content marketing, we have an amazing opportunity to push our boundaries with creativity.



My philosophy on content is that if you are selling a hotel room, you are not selling the actual room, you are selling an experience. Nobody books a hotel because they want a bed, right? We all have a bed at home. The bottom line is that we are all selling an experience. The best way to increase engagement, interest and curiosity is by developing creative and amazing content. It doesn’t mean that you create content that is about the hotel, I always say that 80% of content should entertain, educate or inspire the guest, 10% increase trust and 10% increase sales.

When your guests like what they see they are more likely to book directly with you. This gives you a competitive edge over your competitors, plus content can help you with your search engine ranking (SEO), which obviously makes your hotel more visible.

‘Why only 10% to increase sales?’ I hear you ask, because the alternative doesn’t work. Think about how many times you heard somebody say they wanted to consume more adverts? Zero.

Here are some examples of artworks that we created for Central Hotel, London, and how it helped us increase their direct bookings by 600% in January. We use these artworks across social media, social adverts and blogs.

Do you see the difference? When you create amazing content, people are willing to engage with your brand because you look relevant, you look fun, you look engaging and interesting.

You might ask me why they have this type of content and create content based on exploring and doing more? The reason is that they have a proper brand story and the tagline that compliments their story is Explore more. Do moreTheir content strategy supports their story.

This type of content increases trust, engagement, loyalty and direct bookings.


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