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Google Drive vs Dropbox

Last week Google have launched a new service Google Drive!

Google Drive is a service similar to Dropbox and, its a web based service that you can share your files with your colleagues and partners or have your personal presentations, files, codes and anything you want.


Google Drive is a free service that gives you free usage of 5 GB of drive when you open an account, if you want to upgrade it you can with €1.88 and get 25GB (including Picasa).



Personally i use Dropbox and but i prefer using Dropbox because the sharing is easier than, i test drived Google Drive and i really liked a new features that they provide, notification of who added files with you. ( Dropbox provides its as well but not as detailed as Google Box ) Its really a tough choice!






google drive vs dropbox


Dropbox gives you the opportunity to share a referral link so you get free space , Goole Drive doesn’t offer this option but they charge €1.88 per month for 25 GB where Dropbox is charging €7.55 for 50 GB and 1 GB per referral…

Its a hard choice to make but my suggestion give it a try, see how Google Drive works and then make your decision, but dont use both you will get confused and loose files!


Here is a video for Goole Drive:

And Here is Dropbox video:

Here is a video from a user on YouTube:

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