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#GiveOrDie – Create relationship with clients

In today’s business world people don’t give a crap anymore about their clients. That’s a very sad truth. 90% of business owners, marketing managers, HR and everybody who is in business are guilty, including me. We as consumers (clients) are just another number to them. I hear many companies say when they lose a client that there are plenty more fish in the sea. This kind of business mentality disappoints me, when companies can be so blasé about their clients. If you don’t care about your clients, eventually they will ALL leave, they will spend their money elsewhere and your company will be out of business. That is a fact!


Why bite the hand that feeds you? I understand that there are times when clients can get you angry and frustrated and they don’t understand you. But that’s why you should find clients who believe in your WhyThe why’ by Simon Sinek explains  it’s harder finding this percentage of people but it’s worth it!

We are living in a ‘Thank You Economy‘ as @Garevee mentions in his awesome book. Where people as we all know are online, tweeting, instagraming, posting on Facebook their likes and dislikes. I mean for us working in marketing this is a fantastic period to find out what our clients love and hate. I believe people don’t care anymore about creating personal relationships with their clients. They would do everything to close a deal, to gain a new client, but they are not doing enough. They just see people as money, not as a potential friend where they can help each other, that’s what sales is all about. I’m no expert on sales but if you know Jeffrey Gitomer (sales guru) he writes in his sales books that you should always be creating relationships and not selling, because people don’t buy from brands, people buy from people.


Here at Vivid Network I had an idea to share with our valued clients some offline gifts, a package. In doing so I received a question from a friend of mine; what will be Vivid’s ROI (Return On Investment). To be honest I couldn’t explain to him on the spot because my intentions were simple, just to help our clients succeed with their business. That’s why I always suggest different books that I have read, write helpful articles on digital marketing and constantly try to suggest innovative ideas. So coming back to my friend’s initial question, what I want to do is just simply say thank you to the people who pay our salaries, this is the truth my friends. I enjoy making people happy, sharing my knowledge and making speeches that inspire people. One of the reasons I started Vivid Network was because when I was working in a web development company I realised that a lot of companies didn’t care what they were delivering, as long as they were making money. I totally understand that every business needs a cash-flow, but can you count the ROI on a smile? Or how you make people feel?


Last year a lawyer contacted me via LinkedIn about her services. Coincidentally at the time I was looking to change my current lawyer, so we had a meeting. She was starting out her carrier by herself and I could see the passion she had with wanting to help me with one of my projects. I shared with her an article that I wrote about an awesome person that worked within Apple, Ken Segall.  She told me that she enjoyed the article so much that she bought his book. For those of you who haven’t read this book, I highly recommend it to you. After our third or so meeting I bought her a present, another best-selling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad By Guy Kawasaki. She was thrilled but also shocked, you know why!? Because nowadays everyone is out for themselves, nobody cares about anyone else. People will only help others if they can see they will get something for it. We all feel our own problems are the worst, which of course is not true. The next time you take a train here in London, take a look around, you will notice many people are disabled, but they still have a huge smile on their face and I bet that they don’t complain half as much as most able people.

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Social media/digital media gives us an enormous opportunity to connect and engage with people. But you know what we do? We destroy it, by pushing and pushing our services and our advertising messages to people. I don’t know any person who sits in front of their TV and says, ‘Okay, today I’m going to see some advertising’. Or goes on Facebook and thinks ‘Okay, let’s see what Heinz New Baked Beans Have To Say With all the technology available today, TiVO, Netflix and other digital services, ads are gone. You can watch a movie without seeing one ad.  So rather than just pushing our messages, we should connect and truly care about people and share useful information. Monitor your industry and be there to help people.  I truly believe that companies/people that really care in this economy will succeed and those who don’t will vanish.


#GiveOrDie it is as simple as that. Companies that don’t care about their clients, will not last very long, trust me! People are more educated now; they have the power to destroy a brand. There are so many examples and case studies of this; Take British Airways angry client who tweeted and promoted it via Twitter ads, one of the recent one’s I can remember.

Another example, I believe 90% of accountants don’t give a shit about their clients, not to mention the potential earnings they are losing from their poorly designed and managed websites. Having a website that was done in 1995 and not caring about the very people they are serving is unbelievable, and I guarantee that any business, lawyers, retailers, and supermarkets that don’t care about their clients will pay by closing their doors. It might not be now or even the following month but it will be at some point it is inevitable. It’s like smoking, you know it’s bad for health, you know that you can get cancer, you just don’t know when. This is not me trying to be negative or anything, it’s just I believe that brands that really care and are there for their clients will dominate the market.

Everybody is so busy counting their money in the bank they forget to say a simple ‘Thank You’ to their clients for being there. Take some time and thank your clients, maybe send a good book that you have read recently. You might say you don’t know what they like and don’t like, well the answer is simple, go to their LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter accounts and see, everybody shares what they like and what they don’t like, and don’t send your gift expecting something in return. You may be asking, who do I send it to? The CEO/ Marketing Manager? Why don’t you thank the people who you work with everyday? How about forgetting all the fancy titles and be human without thinking of money, and if you don’t have a budget for this, why not just deliver outstanding customer service? This doesn’t cost you anything. Go read some books about being humans, better still have a read of  How To Find Friends And Influence People By Dale Carnegie. 


Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 2.09.16 PM

Trust me, this book will bring change your prospective on things. It’s not about getting clients nowadays; it’s more about keeping them.

Regarding social media, if you go on a date, would you ask your date to sleep with you the minute you say ‘hello’? Hell no, you wouldn’t, but if you did, I’m sure you would get a BIG fat NO.  Same goes with #socialmedia, you have to create a rapport, slowly develop a relationship, see if they believe in your “why”, try to help, share a useful article or e-book. Here is Gare’s awesome example:

Here is a tweet I received from a guy that wants me to listen to his music, without even saying me hello:


My point is very simple, give a shit about your clients, CARE about them. You can’t have a ROI on people’s feelings. Remember people make their decisions based on their feelings not on the price.

So go out there and start caring. If you don’t give a crap, maybe you should change industry.

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If you don’t take care of your clients, somebody else will.

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