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It has been a while since we blogged, but we’ve had some projects building and running, Stella Artois lovely sweepstakes has ended some new brands have launched their campaigns…well we got some sweet results.


I wanted to speak about an issue that i have written before as well, fake likes.


As you can see there are a lot of fan pages that say well i have XX,XXX amount of likes, but are they real? We can’t know for sure, but there is one fact that is valid, you can track their #engagement! I have mentioned it over thousand times that i prefer having 1,100 REAL likes and know that they are real people to who clicked my  targeted ads and we are communication via our postings,comments and blog posts.

We have heard here in Cyprus some of ‘social media’ new companies are suggesting to clients to buy fake likes. There are a lot of scam sites out on the web that are claiming that they offer REAL likes for your Facebook Fan Page, however they will just rip you off!

You cant have targeted REAL fans bought this way, neither way if you own a Restaurant in Nicosia, Cyprus for example you dont need people from China or Pakistan.

The best way to get Facebook likes is running Pay Per Click Campaigns on Facebook or Google Ad Words.

End of the day, your Return On Investment will be much higher with smaller amount of  likes but a high engagement rather that XX,XXX fans but engagement would be 0,001%.

Consider that you should get real retweets, followers, likes ect…because if Google knows about your fake likes, then your social media is useless.

Here is a real example from one of the fan pages in Cyprus: Knowledge Training & Consulting fan page on Facebook for example has 1,683 likes ( and of course they are real ) the engagement rate of Knowledge is 0,63% (data via socialbakers in march ) which drives it one of the highest in engagement fan pages in Cyprus. To be more specific on average depends on the posts of course we receive 10,15,20,25,30 likes per post. Another fan page with 35,000 likes has on average 10,20,30 likes, you do the maths!

My point is try to go slowly but be REAL and engage with your fans.

Of course its harder to get real people liking your fan page, but lets face it, if you want just a fan page / twitter account that will have a number on the front saying that you have XX,XXX likes/followers its fine, go with it. But if you want to get the best of your #social media, there is hard work that must be done.

Like Randi Zuckerberg ( Mark Zuckerberg Sister ) have said over her speech @iStrategy conference in London, ”easy likes are over”



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